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Measures – Will you get what you want?


I recently spoke with a new client who shared with me their innovation measures. When I looked at their measurement system, I immediately saw flaws. But before addressing these imperfections, let me first provide you my perspective on innovation measures. In general, there are three types of measures associated with “challenge-based” innovation (be sure to read this article if you ...

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Part 3 – Three Innovation Distinctions


This is the third of my “Innovation Distinctions” entries. In the first part of this series, I wrote why you should focus on “Challenges, not Ideas.” Next, I addressed the distinction of “Process, not Events.” In this final entry, I discuss why innovation requires “Diversity not Homogeneity.” Be sure to read the previous two articles before reading this one. As ...

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Part 2 – Three Innovation Distinctions


In the first part of this series, I wrote why you should focus on challenges, not ideas. You should read that article before proceeding. In this second entry, I will focus on “Process, not Events.” I first shared these three distinctions with a bunch of speakers and authors. In the speaking industry, conferences/conventions are the primary model for professional development. ...

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Predicting the Next Innovation


Recently I returned from over two weeks on the road. I was in and out of five airports. As you go through security, the routine is always the same… Take off your shoes Take out your liquids Take out your computer Why are we put through these security gymnastics? On December 22, 2001, Richard Reid was caught with plastic explosives ...

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Part 1 – Three Innovation Distinctions

Last week I was with a group of extremely successful entrepreneurs in Las Vegas. I was a bit of an outlier as my background is mainly with large, multi-billion dollar businesses. Everyone else in the room came from the start-up world. Also, nearly everyone in the room worked exclusively with speakers and authors. Although I too am a speaker and ...

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It's Not Rocket Science


For those of you who asked, here is the video of my six minute speech at the TEDx NASA conference. Enjoy. Stephen Shapiro is the author of three books, a popular innovation speaker, and is the Chief Innovation Evangelist for Innocentive, the leader in Open Innovation.

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Is Collaboration or Competition Better for Innovation?


At the Open Innovation Summit last week, I had a lively conversation with a few individuals. The debate was about which model of open innovation is most effective – competitive or collaborative. Kevin Boudreau and Karim Lakhani wrote an excellent article earlier this year in the MIT Sloane Management Review on this very topic. They looked at the merits of ...

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Innovation Convergence


by Stephen Shapiro I never really thought much about toothpaste. But at the last two innovation conferences where I spoke, toothpaste was one of the hot topics. At the FT Innovate conference in London, Unilever discussed their “Signal White Now” (and other brands) toothpaste. Instead of using harsh bleaches and abrasives, they borrowed an optical-effect technology from their laundry team. ...

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What Will Shooting for Mars Get Us?


At the TEDx NASA conference, I had some amazing conversations with people in the “green room” while preparing to take the stage. One individual had spent his entire career with NASA focused on travel to Mars. This was his life’s passion. But now that he has moved out of the space program into the private sector, he wonders if the ...

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Innovation at TEDx NASA


This past Friday I had 6 minutes to share a message about innovation with the world at TEDx NASA. It was a fantastic event with 29 speakers, authors, musicians, aerospace engineers, a neuroscientist and more. 1,700 people were in attendance and it is reported that nearly 100,000 people watched via video streaming on the internet. Given that my typical speech ...

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