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4 Timeless Books to Help You Put a Dent in the World

These books provide a roadmap and a compass that will forever change the way you look at entrepreneurism, innovation, marketing, and change. Some people learn entrepreneurship from their family business; others learn it by studying entrepreneurship in school. I did neither. Instead, I was enrolled in the “learn while you burn” program of entrepreneurship. When my partner and I started ...

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10 Ways to Create an Amazing Business

No list can guarantee the success of your business, but this one guarantees it will be amazing. We love lists. I’m convinced that etched on some ancient cave wall there exits a bulleted list of the Ten Things Every Cro-Magnon Must Do To Succeed; okay, it may be just three things, but none-the-less our love affair with lists runs long ...

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Seven Ways Even Smart Companies Kill Great Ideas

You can't live without innovation. It's why you're in business. But as you grow, innovation also becomes a threat. It threatens to disrupt your existing business model, products, and services. It threatens to upset your customers, who have become accustomed to a certain way of doing things. It threatens your partners and employees, who have developed expertise in the way things currently work. That's the real reason innovation is so hard. While we espouse its values, we also build defenses against it.

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The Single Biggest Obstacle to Your Success is…

The Single Biggest Obstacle to Your Success is...

Unlearning this peculiar behavior is the key to unlocking the potential of your dreams. Entrepreneurship is like climbing Everest; you can make all the excuses you want about not having the skills, the endurance, or the equipment, but many people who have all of these still don’t even make it to base camp. Here’s why. What if I told you ...

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One Thing Never to Do When You Negotiate

Negotiation may well be the single most important and yet least understood business and life skill. Most people see negotiation as a conflict between adversaries, a way to one-up an opponent through manipulation. With over 30 years of running businesses, I can tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. Negotiation is not a boxing match; it's more like a dance between strangers in which the participants need to develop a deep understanding of each other to avoid tripping over themselves.

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