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3 Tools for Futures Thinking & Foresight Development


(Design Thinking Meets Futures Thinking followup) The last post outlined a general framework for “futures thinking.” Here, we look at three techniques for honing your ability to see beyond the horizon. 1. Trend Analysis In order to develop the capacity for imagining alternative futures and create design solutions accordingly, it is useful to be aware of the current driving forces ...

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Design Thinking Meets Futures Thinking

The business world has been quick to try and implement design thinking in hopes of stimulating sweeping organizational change and innovation, only to abandon it and return to old practices when it doesn’t “work.” Is design thinking nothing more than a poorly defined gimmick, or are people just missing the big picture? Perhaps a part of the problem is that ...

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Could a Reversal Disrupt Groupon?


Or, If Groupon Flipped Their Model, Could It Unleash the Power of Networks? by Venessa Miemis As I’ve been working on the supplemental infographic for the Future of Money project, I noticed that all of the interesting new sites and ideas for value exchange are essentially types of marketplaces. There are peer to peer marketplaces now for gifting, sharing, bartering, ...

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Essential Skills for 21st Century Survival (Part 1)

Pattern Recognition by Venessa Miemis Over the past few months, we’ve been discussing the various skills needed for effectively operating in a world characterized by information and accelerating change, and I’ve been assembling these ideas into a framework for a new thought architecture. This post will be the first in a 12 part series, and draws its influences from the ...

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Conceptual Framework for Online Identity Roles


I just wrapped up a final project for an aesthetics course this semester, the assignment being to create a “Database of the Self.” I chose to make the database as a representation of the roles we play in terms of how we interact with information online. The roles are overlaid on a panarchy, which shows a visualization of adaptive lifecycles. ...

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What is Design Thinking?

If you’re a businessperson or someone interested in understanding how to facilitate innovation, you’ve probably heard of “design thinking” by now. Coined by IDEO’s David Kelley, the term refers to a set of principles, from mindset to process, that can be applied to solve complex problems. I’ve seen articles lately ranging from those that highlight its potential, [Design Thinking for ...

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Why Education Needs Social Media


by Venessa Miemis I read an article the other day on John Merrow’s blog, titled ‘Technology in Schools: Problems & Possibilities.’ In it, he outlines three fears he has concerning the implementation of emerging media technologies into education: The digital divide (gap between people with access to technology and those without) Schools will resist innovation and become irrelevant Schools will ...

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