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GrowthToon™: Package Data into Information


The ability for companies to share, store, compute and analyze huge amounts of data can transform the way customers live and work. Data, while valuable, is a commodity that can be replicated by competitors relatively easily. As a result, true market success will be determined by the degree to which companies can convert raw data into information and information into services.

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Software Leader SAP on their Changing Growth Strategy


Exclusive interview with SAP on their Growth Strategy - The German business software company, SAP, has experienced exponential growth since five system analysts first established it in 1972. David Payne, Vice President, Technology, discusses SAP’s expansion plans with The Growth Strategy Company. SAP is not only facing the challenge of altering its growth strategy, but also the speed in which this strategy needs to be put into effect.

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Growth is Human


Can business growth and renewal be more inevitable than decline and failure? The short 15 min film "Growth is Human" takes into an all too familiar story about what happens when companies fail to grow. Whether in Silicon Valley, Dubai, Detroit, Mumbai, Shanghai, or north Philadelphia — is of no consequence. Companies of all shapes, sizes and geographies share the common objective to, not only avoid the fate of companies like Globe Dye Works, but to also find strategies to thrive and grow.

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Do Investments in IP Rights Generate Growth? [infographic]

A company’s future growth potential is a function of the alignment of a company’s assets relative to future growth opportunities. Along with intangible assets such as knowledge, competencies, willingness and readiness, a company’s growth success is also reliant on tangible assets - culture, intellectual property, technologies and capital - all fundamental elements for sustainable business growth. Collectively, these assets are what makes a company who they are and what makes them unique.

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