Apple's Hidden Disruptive Innovation


People often think that disruptive innovation happens overnight, but often it happens one step at a time. Before the iPod was an innovation, Apple had to not only launch the device, but also the iTunes Store for music, and the Microsft Windows version of iTunes. Apple also expanded the iTunes Store to include audiobooks, movies, and television, but by then ...

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Insights to Drive Apple iPad Success


Apple announced it’s rumored tablet device yesterday and chose to call it the Apple iPad – a very strange and difficult choice. “iPad” is a trademark that is apparently at present owned by Fujitsu. Apple had a similar problem with the iPhone and Cisco, which they were able to resolve with a bit of cash. I suspect that Apple will ...

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Apple Tablet Article Rundown


Today is the day of Apple’s latest media event. This is the one where everyone expects Apple to introduce some kind of new tablet device (iPad, iTouch, iSlate, etc.). Because this could be another transformational device innovation by the company, and because insights should always come before ideas and solutions, we’ve been discussing some of the potential insights behind the ...

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Apple Tablet Won't Save Newspapers


I came across an article talking about some of the reasons why any Apple tablet (iSlate, iPad, iTablet, Macbook, etc.) won’t save the newspaper publishing industry. Keep in mind that when it comes to innovation, it must move through a lifecycle that begins with an insight and ends with adoption. The bigger the innovation, the harder it is to progress ...

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Apple Tablet Won't Be Runaway Success


First we had incredible hype around Motorola’s Droid and its sales so far have proven to be just okay. Then we had even more hype around Google’s phone entry – the Nexus One – and its sales results so far have been meager. So, now along comes Apple with its much-hyped (and only rumored) tablet innovation, which we expect to ...

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The Decade's Top Performing CEOs

I was intrigued when I read on the Harvard Business Review web site “Do we celebrate the wrong CEOs?” The article quickly pointed out that many of the best known CEOs – and often named as most respected – didn’t come close to making the list of the top 100 best performing CEOs. Some of those on Barron’s list of ...

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