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Innovation with a touch of Jazz and Jambalaya


I had the opportunity to interview Gerard Cox, organizer of the the inaugural Second Line conference. The event is an interactive conference celebrating the New Economy successes and strategies with disruptive innovation, value creation, and sustainable social impact. Set in New Orleans, they brought some of the world’s leading innovators to demonstrate how design, experience, strategy, and technology can be applied to create new markets, exponential growth, and sustainable social impacts.

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Learning by Exchanging Ideas


I had the opportunity a little while back to interview Rami Levy, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Motorola Mobility and Manager of the Motorola Open Source Technologies (MOST) Team about open innovation and its business possibilities. Motorola Mobility was a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorola that focused on mobile devices and set-top devices before being acquired by Google.

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Design-Driven Innovation


If you've read books on innovation, they've probably been treatises or essays on the topic from a traditional process or strategy angle. "Design-Driven Innovation" is something different. The book is focused on the idea that businesses have the opportunity not just to create innovations that are technology push or market pull (user-centered), but also to create innovations that make meaning.

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Spotting The Difference With Social Innovation


We need to shift our thinking away from just ‘innovation’ into ‘societal innovation’. Why? Social issues will dominate our thinking in 2011 and beyond.It simply has to as we struggle to manage in ‘depressed’ economies. Social based solutions are very different from economics based ones. Economic ones are more focused on the production and consumption of commodities. For me, social ones has five very distinctive differences from existing innovation approaches associated with the economic ones used in innovation.

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Join Us in Belgium


La journée de l’Innovation Come join us June 23, 2011 in Mons, Belgium for some great innovation talks and networking! Blogging Innovation is proud to announce that Braden Kelley will be speaking at Microsoft Innovation Center Belgium’s Innov@MIC – one of several events held throughout the year at the center. Braden will be speaking in English, but most of the ...

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Thank You to Our May Sponsor


Thank you to Planview and PIPELINE 2011 for being one of the founding sponsors of the imminent Innovation Excellence site. Join us at PIPELINE 2011 – The Online Conference for Product Development Innovation Excellence is excited to be a partnering with PIPELINE 2011, the free online conference for Innovative Product Development taking place on June 1, 2011. Innovation is the ...

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Join Us at the Open Innovation Summit


Come join us August 10-12, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois for some great open innovation talks, panels, and networking! Blogging Innovation is proud to announce that Braden Kelley will be the chairperson for World Research Group’s 3rd Annual Open Innovation Summit – an annual gathering in Chicago of open innovation leaders from organizations big and small. Five Reasons Why Innovators Won’t ...

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Innovation Excellence is Coming Soon


A message from the Founder The global innovation community is moving to a new home soon – Innovation Excellence. Founded by two of the world’s leading innovation experts – Braden Kelley (author, Stoking your Innovation Bonfire) and Rowan Gibson (co-author, Innovation to the Core) – will build upon an international group of more than 6,000 members from over 150 ...

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