Book Review

Seizing the White Space for Innovation

A while ago I received Seizing the White Space by Mark W. Johnson in the mail. Seizing the White Space is an approachable 200 pages, and is an easy, and pleasant read. The book is focused on business model innovation and introducing a simple framework for thinking about potential business model innovations and evaluating the positives and negatives of a potential business model. The book first defines 'white space' with the following two-by-two matrix:

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Predictable Success

Predictable Success is a book focused on helping people understand the natural evolution of businesses and why some succeed and some fail. The book hinges on a simple, illustrative framework that makes the case that business success is not something to be achieved, but instead something to be maintained. You don't arrive at business success and stay successful, but instead continually fight to maintain the delicate balance between too much policy and process, and too little.

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