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The 2013 Digital Tonto Reading List

It used to be that we would read about the future and then wait for it to happen. Now, it seems that we read about it as it’s happening and the impact is already being felt in business, economics and society. Just as in past years (this is my 5th list), this list reflects what I’ve read and written about over the last 12 months. Have a great holiday!

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Innovation Year-End Performance Review

As innovation practitioners, year-end is a good time for us to step back and think about how well we performed in our innovation roles in the previous year -- with an eye towards leveraging lessons learned to improve the program next year. Although there are myriad ways of measuring innovation activity, the following list provides a starting set of criteria to assess one’s innovation efforts in 2013.

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What Jazz Can Teach Business About Innovation

Coming from a meager background, Carl Størmer was determined not to be a starving artist, but after graduating with two graduate degrees—a Masters degree in Music and another in Arts Administration—that’s just what he was becoming. He spent most of his time playing in clubs and improving the mastery of his craft, but making very little money.

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