Build Capability

Innovate By Hacking Capabilities


Capabilities are the amino acids of innovation. They are the building blocks that enable value delivery. Innovation is a better way to deliver value and is often the result of repurposing existing capabilities. Locking capabilities into rigid organization structures and proprietary closed systems gets in the way of unleashing new sources of value and solving many of the important challenges ...

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Are you checking your Innovation Pulse?


So often our innovation health seems to change abruptly or equally just simply slip away. It could be caused by many things: a call for reorganization or restructuring or a key part of the team decides to leave. It might be the organization has a second quarterly drop in sales and profits or those layoff simply keep cutting away until ...

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Innovation Tells


12 Signs Innovation is Alive and Kicking in Your Culture by Drew Marshall What are tells? A tell is an unwitting signal made by a player in a poker game. It is any clue, habit, behavior, or physical reaction that gives other players more information about your hand. Organizations have tells, too, signs, patterns, and behaviors that indicate what is ...

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The Innovation Matrix


Here’s a sketch that I came up with last week that helps explain how organizations get better at innovation: This is a bit of a distillation of observations over time. I thought of it because I think that a lot of people that are trying to improve innovation within an organization think that they can go from the bottom left ...

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What do we mean by innovation?


A while ago John and I did in-depth individual interviews with almost all of the senior managers of a firm about their innovation process. We ran into a striking paradox while doing so. One person said to us “This company needs to get rid of innovation.” He said this after he had explained all of the absolutely path-breaking projects on ...

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Where Should Innovation Live?


All companies have realized that they need innovation in some way to sustain business growth. What is not so clear is who should be responsible for that initiative inside the company… … Should innovation be placed in the commercial department because they are close to the clients and could know exactly their needs? …Should innovation be in products department because ...

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The Magic Pill of World Class Innovation


Google, Apple, GE, 3M, Nokia, Procter & Gamble … some of the most recognizable innovative companies in the world. Everyone wants to know, how can they be so innovative? What’s their secret to success, and how can I become as innovative and successful as them? Well, good news! There is a magic pill that will make everyone in your organization ...

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12 Ways to Recognize an Innovative Corporation


“We are all made of stardust, the same particles that make up the stars.” – Richard Feynman, Nobel prize-wining physicist Creativity and innovation are critical to corporations if they are going to react successfully to the economic downturn and craft a new future of expansion and opportunity. This is as true of a corporation’s strategy development as much as it ...

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Five Common Innovation and Change Mistakes

Common Wisdom Regarding Purposeful Or Successful Innovation Is Wrong by Idris Mootee Walk into a Barnes and Noble you can find dozens of books on innovation. There are books ranging from teaching the ‘how to” to teaching creative thinking. There are not many good ones simply because the subject is a moving target with rules being broken and created every ...

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Building Corporate Innovation Capability


Great Initiative from Statkraft by Stefan Lindegaard I have been invited to work with Statkraft, Europe’s largest renewable energy company on their Innovation Agent Programme. This is the second year, I am involved in this programme and I am quite impressed by their efforts. A key goal of the programme is to increase Statkraft’s innovation capability. This is partly measured ...

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