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Innovation Perspectives – Turnaround Innovation


This is the fourth of several ‘Innovation Perspectives‘ articles we will publish this week from multiple authors to get different perspectives on ‘What are three specific actions that a non-innovative company can take to become more innovative?’. Here is the next perspective in the series: Three Real Lessons (plus One) for Turnaround Innovation by Mike Brown What three specific things ...

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Building a Culture of Innovation From the Inside Out

A Kaiser Permanente Perspective by Jennifer Ruzek Liebermann (via THCB) “How do you inspire and enable innovation in a large organization?” That’s the question I grapple with daily as director of Kaiser Permanente’s health care innovation center. I’ve observed that it isn’t sufficient to have a dedicated Innovation Center, an Innovation & Advanced Technology Group, or in-house Innovation Consultancy design ...

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Innovation Governance – Adding Guidance and Essential Support


Companies and organizations turn to governing boards for so many critical elements these days. Boards of Directors guide overall strategy and direction. Appointed Audit Committees pore over corporate financials and performance. HR / Compensation Committees ensure the organization’s on track with hiring and benefits that keep it competitive. Each has been formed to inform, advice and support the CEO in ...

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Part 3 – Three Innovation Distinctions


This is the third of my “Innovation Distinctions” entries. In the first part of this series, I wrote why you should focus on “Challenges, not Ideas.” Next, I addressed the distinction of “Process, not Events.” In this final entry, I discuss why innovation requires “Diversity not Homogeneity.” Be sure to read the previous two articles before reading this one. As ...

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Part 2 – Three Innovation Distinctions


In the first part of this series, I wrote why you should focus on challenges, not ideas. You should read that article before proceeding. In this second entry, I will focus on “Process, not Events.” I first shared these three distinctions with a bunch of speakers and authors. In the speaking industry, conferences/conventions are the primary model for professional development. ...

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Creating Innovation Best Practices of Tomorrow


Directors constantly strive to increase efficiency, implement best practice and deliver increased shareholder value. They seek to improve cash flow through efficiencies of scale and cost reductions. But there are limits to cost saving. In a global economy your competitors in lower-cost countries can beat you at that game. The best way to create value is to innovate your way ...

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Building Up Innovation Capital


As usual it was Peter Drucker, the godfather of modern management, who said it first. Right back there in 1966 (!), in his landmark book “The Effective Executive”, Drucker argued that companies would need to build a new kind of organizational capital as the industrial economy gave way to the knowledge economy. His famous proclamation was that, in future, brainpower ...

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Part 1 – Three Innovation Distinctions

Last week I was with a group of extremely successful entrepreneurs in Las Vegas. I was a bit of an outlier as my background is mainly with large, multi-billion dollar businesses. Everyone else in the room came from the start-up world. Also, nearly everyone in the room worked exclusively with speakers and authors. Although I too am a speaker and ...

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Do you have a Corporate Innovation System?


Co-authored with Peter Skarzynski, CEO of Strategos, in close collaborationwith well-known strategy guru Gary Hamel, I believe that “Innovation to the Core” (Harvard Business School Press) is by far the most important thing I’ve ever done. Lots of people have been asking me for a synopsis of the book, so here goes… Could you describe your company’s “corporate innovation system”? ...

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The Paradox of Innovation from 30,000 Feet


It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination by Robert F. Brands In the C-suites of corporate America, innovation has become a mandate. Executives – from CEOs to marketing officers – believe that to innovate is to embrace the Holy Grail of 21st Century business. But is innovation alone the answer? Is the end – innovation – capable of surviving solely ...

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