Case Study

Researching Different Minds Thinking Greatly

Our data shows that when diverse minds from different cultures collaborate on new approaches, good ideas result. The conclusions we drew from this analysis have resulted in behavioral change at EMC. Most notably we’ve formed a global “Innovation Best Practices Community” in order to intentionally stimulate this behavior.

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Field Trip! You + Intuit

See Intuit For Real at Back End of Innovation, Nov 19, 2013 It's all too rare that we get to go behind the scenes, witness and experience what makes a company that is SYNONYMOUS with innovation tick, especially one that has been doing it continuously for thirty years. As a strategic partner to the Back End of Innovation (BEI) conference, we are happy to be giving the IX community early notice that BEI is including on-site experiential learning in the form of BEI Field Trips to three innovation powerhouses (Intuit, Xerox Parc and PayPal.) #BEI13

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