A Peek into the Digital Workplace


I had the opportunity to sit down recently with fellow author Scott Berkun to talk with him about his new book The Year Without Pants, which catalogs his experience in two years with Automattic, the company that runs Our conversation touched on many different topics including innovation, collaboration, and organizational behavior and I'm happy to share the highlights here.

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How the Lean Start-up Accelerates Innovation


My work has caused me to focus on, research and define the links between Entrepreneurship, the Lean Start-Up and how Israeli Start-Ups successfully integrate these concepts, principles and techniques to create game changing high tech companies, such as Waze, that recently sold to Google for a reported $1 billion dollars.

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Connecting University Researchers


Analyzing university research side-by-side with other corporate innovation activities has its advantages. In my last post, I shared specific data about a list of Chinese researchers that are actively involved in local university research. The pie chart below highlights the set of researchers that collaborated with Chinese universities for a specific time period.

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Fear to Innovate


What was I doing! How could I have been so cruel and naive to not understand the differences between people’s cognitive understanding of fear and their natural resistance to having a visceral experience of it!

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