The Nine Innovation Roles


I'm seeing an increasing number of articles about innovation personalities and the like, and I'm a firm believer that it's not personalities that matter so much when it comes to innovation, it's the roles that we play in making innovation happen (or not). So, I would like to add my Nine Innovation Roles to the conversation.

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Creative Consumers are Changing Innovation


Organizations understand the vital importance of innovation. Chief Executives talk about it, managers nurture it and consumers expect it. Yet it is also a potentially disruptive process that interferes with well-laid plans and day-to-day operations. And historically, innovation has suffered from high failure rates, which adds to the challenge.

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Enterprise's Innovation Strategy


The 'just released' annual global InnovationLeadership Study cites that only 24% of the respondents think they have an effective organizational alignment of innovation efforts. The study concludes that “the absence of a well-articulated innovation strategy is by far the most important constraint for companies to reach their innovation targets.”

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Polar Innovation


Recently I stumbled across a concept for team structure that I believe could yield positive results for practitioners of innovation, and its chief value may derive from its very simplicity. With a tip of the cap to Scott Anthony’s “Innovation Bipolarity” ...

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Innovation and Diversity


"Tomorrow's management systems will need to value diversity, dissent and divergence as highly as conformance, consensus and cohesion" -- a tweet by Gary Hamel leads Ralph Ohr into the importance of Innovation and Diversity.

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