Enterprise's Innovation Strategy


The 'just released' annual global InnovationLeadership Study cites that only 24% of the respondents think they have an effective organizational alignment of innovation efforts. The study concludes that “the absence of a well-articulated innovation strategy is by far the most important constraint for companies to reach their innovation targets.”

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Polar Innovation


Recently I stumbled across a concept for team structure that I believe could yield positive results for practitioners of innovation, and its chief value may derive from its very simplicity. With a tip of the cap to Scott Anthony’s “Innovation Bipolarity” ...

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Innovation and Diversity


"Tomorrow's management systems will need to value diversity, dissent and divergence as highly as conformance, consensus and cohesion" -- a tweet by Gary Hamel leads Ralph Ohr into the importance of Innovation and Diversity.

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The Godfather of Punk on Creativity and Innovation


Richard Strange is ‘punk rock’s illegitimate Godfather’, having preceded the Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Ramones and The Clash with his highly influential pop art band ‘The Doctors of Madness’. Richard’s career has spanned pop art, punk, writing and acting, most famously for his film roles in Batman, alongside Jack Nicholson and in Robin Hood and Harry Potter.

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Is there a Model for Rapid Innovation?


Innovation is the result of constant knowledge exchanges between technology, the markets, an innovation team, as well as other departments of the firm. As the bigger you are, the more difficult it is to share active knowledge. How can we set-up a so-called “knowledge creating company” and speed up knowledge exchanges within big companies?

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