Full House of Innovation

Much is written about the importance of diversity in teams and also about the competitive advantage that high-performance teams can build for an organization. There is a lot to read about boosting creativity and forcefully injecting different perspectives into the ideation process. But, we don’t talk enough about the roles that are necessary for innovation success.

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The Changing Game of Strategy

We’ve long known that strategic planning has serious limitations. The notion of managers as generals, guiding action from high on the hill, is an outdated concept at best. While that doesn't always register with us grownups, the often-maligned Millennials know it intuitively and a lot of that has to do with the games they play.

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Help on the Ground in China

I've been blogging my way through my experiences managing a team of researchers at EMC Labs China. Some of the key activities that this team participates in are local "high-tech" interactions with universities, conferences, corporations, etc. This is a good thing; the main mantra of reverse innovation is for local innovators to discover and solve local problems.

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