21 Great Innovation Methods


How hard is it to innovate? Not once but over and over? How can you repeatedly implement great new products, processes or services? Continuous innovation is not easy and if you keep using the same method you will experience diminishing results. Try innovating how you innovate by employing some of these ideas. Copy someone else’s idea. One of the best ...

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Controlling Innovation

I guess I’ll never fully understand the depth of concern that many management teams have around command and control, especially in an era of constant change. It seems that the more demands are placed on an organization to create new products and adapt to environmental change, the more resistance to that change is created and encouraged at mid and senior ...

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Arguing for Innovation – Patrick Lencioni


Point: Teams that create the best innovations know how to disagree about ideas without interpreting the disagreement as a personal affront. Story: “I feel good when I see that engineering, advertising and manufacturing are really surfacing and talking about their differences,” said the VP of Technology at a successful $100 million firm. “It’s my job to keep the dialectic alive.” ...

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Join our Innovation Discussions on LinkedIn


I created the Innovation Excellence group on LinkedIn five months ago and it already has 4,750+ members getting together to share innovation articles, discussions, and job postings. Blogging Innovation’s mission is to make innovation and marketing insights accessible for the greater good, and the LinkedIn group is another way for us to help facilitate conversation, collaboration, and education. LinkedIn groups ...

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Conference Report – The Power to Innovate

Congratulations to the team at Invention Machine for hosting this week’s conference, Power to Innovate, at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. The theme of the conference centered around the Innovation Intelligence EcosystemTM and how companies can boost performance by coordinating information, communities, and innovation activities. Invention Machine’s premier product, Goldfire, is at the center of this ecosystem. “Goldfire is a ...

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Optimizing Innovation – Wim Soens of CogniStreamer


We are happy to bring you some of the key points and insights from Wim Soem’s talk at the Optimizing Innovation Conference, which was held October 21-22, 2009 in New York City. Wim Soens, Managing Partner at Cognistreamer spoke about their Innovation Portal 3.0 software and a bit about Enterprise 2.0 Innovation. From Wim’s perspective, 2005 marked a switch from ...

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The Participation Economy – Part 2


by Kevin Roberts I like to think of good ideas having a theme song. For the ‘Participation Economy‘ maybe it would be “Come Together” by The Beatles. But the manifestation of that spirit and energy has to be embodied by the current world tour by U2. It’s a lesson in participation with scale. Stadium shows of yesterday were known to ...

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Innovation Perspectives – Fighting our Stereotypes


This is the second of several ‘Innovation Perspectives‘ articles we will publish this week from multiple authors to get different perspectives on “What roles do engineers and marketers play in an innovation setting, and what conflicts can arise based on their perspectives and approaches?” Here is the next perspective in the series: by Mark Roser People interested in the topic ...

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