U.S. Air Force Innovator

Although the United States Air Force has only existed for a little over 60 years (it was created as a separate entity in 1947), its sheer size and typical military bureaucratic tendencies made it an organization relatively immune to change. This inertia, however, ran in direct contrast to the mission of the Air Force to be both innovative in development and application of new technology (faster, more advanced aerospace systems).

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Run From Your Success

Don’t worry about your biggest competitor – they’re not your biggest competitor. You’ve not met your biggest competitor. Your biggest competitor is either from another industry or it’s three guys and a dog toiling away in their basement.

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Web Designers Unite for Innovation Excellence

A Contest for Web Designers to Benefit the Innovation Excellence Community --- ATTENTION web designers of the world. The Innovation Excellence community needs your help and we've got a prize up for grabs. Most of the disruptive, square peg in a round hole innovators that visit this site start at the bottom of the site, not the top - beginning their visit on an article page and then exploring the site from there.

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