Web Designers Unite for Innovation Excellence


A Contest for Web Designers to Benefit the Innovation Excellence Community --- ATTENTION web designers of the world. The Innovation Excellence community needs your help and we've got a prize up for grabs. Most of the disruptive, square peg in a round hole innovators that visit this site start at the bottom of the site, not the top - beginning their visit on an article page and then exploring the site from there.

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Atlassian FedEx Days Go Global


DEADLINE IS 10PM PST TODAY - December 21, 2011 - Yeah, I know... I had never heard of them before either. But those days may soon be over. Atlassian is fast becoming famous not only for their popular software development tools, but also for their rapidly-spreading innovation creation playfully named "FedEx Day".

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Innovation and Efficiency – Opposing Forces


I'm big on irony, so it's always exasperating yet amusing when my clients realize that attributes or characteristics they've thought of as strengths are revealed as barriers or weaknesses. As organizations grow and mature, they stop trying to evaluate their business models and the factors that sustain those models, and begin to take factors within the business model for granted - or argue in their defense.

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