Hult Prize Profile: Reel Gardening

The seed of innovation were planted in the 10 year old experience of Claire Reid who later designed Reel Gardening: a special paper strip, pre-packaged with organic open pollinated seeds and organic fertilizer spaced at the correct distance from one another -- to ensure the plant is positioned at the correct (optimum) depth in the soil.

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Hult Prize Profile: SokoText

Five graduate students/ entrepreneurs from the London School of Economics are one of six finalist teams competing for $1 million in seed funding. On Monday night in New York City, the winner -- of the $1 million dollar prize -- will be announced at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative.

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Define To Solve

Countries want their companies to create wealth and jobs, and to do it they want them to design products, make those products within their borders, and sell the products for more than the cost to make them. It’s a simple and sustainable recipe which makes for a highly competitive landscape, and it’s this competition that fuels innovation.

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