Your Mother was Wrong, You're Just Not the Creative Type

We're constantly told that everybody has the ability to be creative. When looking for innovative approaches to business problem solving approaches tend to have two distinct halves: Stimulating creativity and Addressing the issue. The creativity stimulated in part one does not alway get carried into part two. So, what can we do to assure that there's no creativity chasm between the two elements?

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Innovation and the Power of the Negative

My article expands on Boyd’s concept of creativity driven by rejection and adds three new approaches to innovation that could be enhanced through negative thinking. The combination of these negative elements can provide the innovation practitioner with enhanced approaches to driving new thinking in an innovation effort.

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How the Lean Start-up Accelerates Innovation

My work has caused me to focus on, research and define the links between Entrepreneurship, the Lean Start-Up and how Israeli Start-Ups successfully integrate these concepts, principles and techniques to create game changing high tech companies, such as Waze, that recently sold to Google for a reported $1 billion dollars.

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