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eX Summit: Is the real innovation around employee engagement?

Employee Engagement?

Many organizations have failed to focus on the experiences of their most important competitive advantage: employees. It’s now time to talk about the employee experience (EX). That’s why I’ve founded eX Summit, a space to debate the importance and impact of the employee experience. Our first event eX Indy will take place on September 22 in Indianapolis.

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Innovate by Adopting a Role Model Organization

A female hand to find select choose pick a businessman to dangle above a line of business people for employment recognition promotion hire etc

Can you innovate and improve business performance by copying another company from an entirely different industry?  This is what the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital in Michigan did when it wanted to transform its customer service and operational efficiency.  The hospital borrowed some of the practices of a five star hotel and hired a new CEO who had previously worked ...

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8 Ways to Fight Brain Drain when Baby Boomers Retire

Talent Management - Brain Drain

While many baby boomers are preparing to leave the workforce; organizational leadership at most companies are not prepared to lose them. As reiterated in a McKinsey Quarterly Survey, the baby boomer generation is “the best-educated, most highly skilled aging workforce in U.S. history.

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