The Challenge of Deep Listening

In his search for Truth, Gautama Buddha found silence an invaluable companion. It was “not wordlessness or noiselessness”, according to one account of the silence of Buddah. “It had a transforming power, permeating and filling the atmosphere around him with such intensity that people seated at his presence experienced ‘the ineffable and the inexplicable’.”In such a harmonious state, it’s possible to hear what gets drowned out in the routine hurly-burly of modern life.

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The Seven Habits of Effective Intrapreneurs (intro)


As an inventor I have witnessed a fairly distinctive pattern of intrapreneurship within my own multi-national corporation (EMC). The employees that are the most successful at advancing their ideas through the corporate maze tend to operate using a fairly well-defined rhythm. The chart below breaks down this rhythm into a set of discrete steps that can be learned and practiced by creative employees world-wide.

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