An Innovation ‘Quick Fix’


Recently we received a call from a potential client. The individuals I spoke with noted a number of significant issues preventing them from innovation effectively. As I recall there were several significant issues: an ‘engineering’ oriented culture, several large customers who demanded exceptionally high quality, few competitors and a complete lack of risk taking in the organization. The good news ...

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BOF 3.0 – Ruffle Your Innovation Feathers


I had the opportunity to attend Brightidea’s Birds of a Feather (BOF 3.0) event at Chevron’s headquarters the other day. For those of you not familiar with Bright Idea Birds of a Feather events, they are periodic events for innovation practioners from Brightidea customers (e.g. HP) and non-customers (e.g. Chevron) to get together to discuss innovation challenges and share practical ...

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BOF 3.0 – Culture of Innovation Session


The first of the Brightidea Birds of a Feather (BOF 3.0) unconference discussion sessions I attended posed the question – What are the key elements of building a culture of innovation and what is the leader’s role? Here are some of the key insights and comments from the session: There was a great deal of discussion around the role of ...

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Radical or Gradual Innovation?


“Radical Innovation” refers to high risk, high uncertainty projects which hold the potential to both influence the marketplace and bring high returns to firms. It’s a kind of “promised land” of differentiation, growth and wealth for businesses and nations. Radical innovation is different from gradual innovation, in which small, incremental changes are made to activities in order to create more ...

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incentive2innovate – Creating an Innovation Culture


The second panel on the second day at the incentive2innovate conference at the United Nations was on creating an innovation culture in your organization. The panel was moderated by Dwayne Spradlin, CEO, InnoCentive: Neil Blakesley, VP, Strategy Marketing & Propositions, BT AmericasMarthin de Beer, SVP, Emerging Technologies Group, CiscoJohn Gibson, CEO, ParadigmJudy Estrin, Author, “Closing the Innovation Gap: Reigniting the ...

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Creative Cultures – Making Innovation Work

I found an interesting video of Professor Paddy Miller talking IESE’s program Creative Cultures: Making Innovation Work. The video talks about the importance of innovation in our current global economy and the challenges in making innovation permeate the organization. “Much of the innovation industry talks recycled platitudes: the real secret is that innovation is more about business culture than it ...

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