Why We Need to Innovate Globally and Locally

When companies become global, for the most part they start and grow operations in various parts of the globe, at times driven by the desire to sell more and expand in these emerging/new markets, and also to take advantage of the lower cost of labor. However, as we discuss in ProVoke, innovation is truly global and is not intended to innovate in location ‘A’ (mostly applies to the US) and expect to succeed by exporting to the rest of the world.

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Great Prototyping Disasters of the 21st Century: Why My Cheap Prototype Nearly Cost Me £5m

Prototyping comes in two flavours: The first provides a way to validate and perfect a concept whilst winning stakeholder. The second creates a train wreck that stops great ideas in their tracks, alienates decision makers and makes you generally unpopular. In this blog I lay bare my most spectacular prototyping failure to show how misinterpreting the reason for prototyping leads to disaster.

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Do Innovations Destroy or Expand the Market?

Apparently Socrates in ancient Greece was strongly opposed to the new practice of writing. He thought that it would kill the long-established skill of memorizing and reciting long stories. Furthermore he thought that writing would replace or discourage conversation. It seems ludicrous that any intellectual could oppose writing. However, every innovation involves an element of destruction.

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