It's Like Free Money


For businesses big and small, entrepreneurs and investors it amounts to the closest thing in innovation to free money. Billions of dollars have been spent by these Federal Laboratories creating technologies, and by law they have to commercialize them.

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How do Users Influence Innovation?


Innochat is a weekly Twitter chat involving a wide range of really interesting people from all over the world, linked by one thing – a deep interest and passion for innovation. One recent chat focused on the role of users and innovation. We tried to distinguish Lead Users (LUs), Early Adopters (EAs) and Brand Advocates (BA), and assess the impact each one has on innovation.

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Increasing Demand for a Third Place


As I look around the economic landscape in the United States and see a climate where not only home prices but also rents are falling in many geographies, especially as the results of an all-advised rental property construction boom become available. I find myself thinking that we are in the middle of a profound shift in the American reality.

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Crappy Innovation


Can you be crappy? Do you dare? When we think about innovation, we usually think about what impresses us. Like Steve Jobs standing on a podium showing off his latest triumph: Incredible! Revolutionary! Mind Blowing!

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The Jolt to Best Buy


Poor financial performance is a shock to the system; it rumbles marketing plans and shakes the innovation strategy and pipeline. Best Buy retail and web sales fell 2.4% versus last year and shareholders have lost more than half of their value over the past five years. The company is now in the throws of reinventing how it goes to market as fast as it can.

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Developing an Eye for Innovation


A great photographer understands what makes a great picture. They leverage this understanding and practice looking for those situations and acting on them. And like any other practice, the more you do it, the more instinctual the behavior becomes. Likewise, as a great innovator...

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Stimulate Craving


Do customers, or some subset of your customers, crave your product? Craving is a response that stimulates an immediate impulse to buy. If you want people to crave your product, you have to project a meaningful story that makes people want to connect and buy.

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