Future of Search will be in Social Mobile


Does Social Search Make Any Sense? by Idris Mootee A friend of mine visited me from Japan and our conversation was around mobile search, since Apple’s acquisition of Siri, a company that makes voice-operated personal assistant app for the iPhone, people wonder what’s Apple intent was. This move has big implications for the future of mobile search and is just ...

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A Unifying Theory for Manufacturing?


The notion of a unifying theory is tantalizing – one idea that cuts across everything. Though there isn’t one in manufacturing, I think there’s something close: Design simplification through part count reduction. It cuts across everything – across-the-board simplification. It makes everything better. Take a look how even HR is simplified. HR takes care of the people side of the ...

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Why, What, How


New Thinking for the Engineering Community by Dr. Mike Shipulski Sometimes we engineers know the answer before the question, sometimes we know the question’s wrong before it’s asked, and sometimes we’re just plain pig-headed. And if we band together, there’s no hope of changing how things are done. None. So, how to bring new thinking to the engineering community? In ...

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Is 'Enough' the new 'Best'?


Muji Thinks So by Idris Mootee I am not a superfan of Muji but I am very impressed with their last three years of repositioning or finetuning of the brand and after spending 15 minutes in one of their stores in Tokyo I can see why they are doing well. The concept is exporting well to the US too. If ...

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Design Thinking Meets Futures Thinking

The business world has been quick to try and implement design thinking in hopes of stimulating sweeping organizational change and innovation, only to abandon it and return to old practices when it doesn’t “work.” Is design thinking nothing more than a poorly defined gimmick, or are people just missing the big picture? Perhaps a part of the problem is that ...

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Innovation That Solves – Not Creates – Problems


When Smaller Isn’t Better by Robert F. Brands Bottled water consumers might have noticed lately the shrinking size of plastic caps. Conceived as environmentally friendly, they’ve been marketed as the bottled-water industry’s solution to plastic waste that otherwise would end up in a landfill. In the meantime, the caps are too small for some consumers to use easily. They can ...

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The Carbon Fiber Apple

Expect a New Generation of Lighter and Tougher iPads, iPhones and iBooks by Idris Mootee Do you ever wonder why everything is getting lighter and lighter? That includes the airplane that you fly in and your car. If you ever get a chance to fly Qantas in an A380, you’ll find the economy class seats are all carbon fiber. It ...

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Innovating Designed Products and Experiences


There’s a good, short recent article in the Irish Independent which states that people want designed, not designer products. While I doubt that many people are going to rush out and give up their BMW cars or Breitling watches, I suspect that the notion of “designed” products, services and experiences is really the next big opportunity for innovation. And the ...

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Now in Futuristic 2D


Since the release of James Cameron’s Avatar last year, 3D films have become a hot trend. With films like Alice in Wonderland and the release of state-of-the-art 3D televisions from companies like Samsung and Toshiba, it seems like everyone is interested in making flat images into three-dimensional experiences. The Japanese design firm Nendo, on the other hand, has turned this ...

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