The Carbon Fiber Apple

Expect a New Generation of Lighter and Tougher iPads, iPhones and iBooks by Idris Mootee Do you ever wonder why everything is getting lighter and lighter? That includes the airplane that you fly in and your car. If you ever get a chance to fly Qantas in an A380, you’ll find the economy class seats are all carbon fiber. It ...

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Innovating Designed Products and Experiences


There’s a good, short recent article in the Irish Independent which states that people want designed, not designer products. While I doubt that many people are going to rush out and give up their BMW cars or Breitling watches, I suspect that the notion of “designed” products, services and experiences is really the next big opportunity for innovation. And the ...

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Now in Futuristic 2D


Since the release of James Cameron’s Avatar last year, 3D films have become a hot trend. With films like Alice in Wonderland and the release of state-of-the-art 3D televisions from companies like Samsung and Toshiba, it seems like everyone is interested in making flat images into three-dimensional experiences. The Japanese design firm Nendo, on the other hand, has turned this ...

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Tiny Things Make Us Happy


(and Convince Us to Buy) by Glen Stansberry My wife and I live in a modest two room apartment. We drive a used car, don’t eat out a lot, and we have a solid budget that we (usually) stick to. Yet there are still a few things that we splurge on. For example, instead of buying regular plastic carton milk, ...

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Engineering Your Way Out of the Recession


Like you, I have been thinking a lot about the recession. We all want to know how to move ourselves to the other side, where things are somewhat normal (the old normal, not the new one). Like usual, my mind immediately goes to products. To me, having the right products is vital to pulling ourselves out of this thing. There ...

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Too Critical of Apple iPad?


I wrote earlier about how I was underwhelmed by my Apple iPad after the first few weeks of use. With my iPhone and my laptop always handy, I just never had a real need to use it. Now I need to (slightly) revise that opinion. I just came back from a two week vacation with my kids, my wife, and ...

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Who Owns Cost?


I’ve heard product cost is designed in; I’ve heard it happens at the early stages of product development; And, I’ve heard, once designed in, cost is difficult get out. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Nothing new here. But, is it true? Is cost really designed in? Why do I ask? Because we don’t behave like it’s true. Because was ...

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Idea Of D.School Meets B.School is Not New

Three People Advocated It Very Early On by Idris Mootee I was speaking a keynote yesterday at an Innovation Camp. It was great place to share our stories and our journey to make innovation a ‘business’ discipline. I showed the audience the path to innovation is never a logical one. The fuzziness goes beyond the front end and extends into ...

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Should the Era of Six Sigma End?


Five percent here, three percent there. I’m tired as hell of continuous improvement. Sure there’s a place for it, but it shouldn’t be the only type of work we do. But, unfortunately, that’s just what’s happened in manufacturing. To secure the balance sheet, the pendulum swung too far toward continuous improvement. Just look at what we’re writing about – the ...

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