Inspiring the Minds of Children (Part 1)


I’m a firm believer that early education is among the most important determinants of life success. As a high school dropout (actually, I was expelled), I’m well aware that I’ve beaten the odds by achieving success despite my lack of formal education. And yet, all too often, young people don’t get the instruction and support necessary to help them develop ...

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Training and Coaching Innovators


Continuous Training and Coaching is Essential to Innovation by Robert F. Brands In order for any company to meet its goals and to achieve sustainable Innovation , proper training and coaching is an essential though often overlooked imperative. But how can a New Product Development (NPD) team represent the philosophy of its organization if the attitude, culture and processes are ...

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Teaching Creativity in America's Schools


It’s been more than eight years since former President George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) into law. Designed to help students improve their reading and math skills, NCLB requires states to set high standards and establish measurable goals for their students. Indeed, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress’ (NAEP) 2009 Trial ...

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The Role of Business Schools in Innovation

“Innovation is and will always be a major driver of business and societal success, and business schools are doing much to foster innovation worldwide. The opportunities to do more to support innovation are many and the potential to create value is high.” The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) released a new report, Business Schools on an Innovation ...

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Open Innovation and IP Protection Can Work Together


“If you do it right…” by John Steen I’ve just finished reading a nice article on IP strategy and open innovation that was published in the MIT Sloan Management Review last year. It’s worth reading because the authors, Oliver Alexy, Paula Criscuolo and Ammon Salter have been doing research in this area for a while and now have a good ...

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Education Spotlight – City University London

A survey from IBM’s Institute for Business Value shows that CEOs value one leadership competency above all others – creativity. It is therefore timely that the City University London formed its Centre for Creativity with a goal of becoming the UK leader in the teaching, research and transfer of creativity in professional practice, ranging from informatics and engineering to business ...

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Are MBAs becoming irrelevant?


by Idris Mootee Are business schools preparing students for a flat world where organizations and national boundaries are becoming blurred? Looking at this year MBA rankings by Financial Times, there aren’t many changes in the Top 10 list. The surprise is that #10 is a Hong Kong Business School and #12 is an Indian Business School. Other top schools (some ...

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Being Too Innovative Might Get You Fired


A North Carolina principal was terminated for approving an “innovative” fundraising idea proposed to her by the parent advisory council. Their idea was to allow students to make a $20 donation to the school’s new technology fund in return for 20 “points” that could be added to two of their exams (10 points per exam). For example, if a student ...

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