Creating a Bachelor of Innovation


This is Finalist #1 of 3 in the Business Innovation Factory (BIF-5) Ticket Contest Vote for this entry by leaving a comment or sending an @reply to @innovate on Twitter with “I vote for #1” in it. This entry is about a ongoing educational innovation, a paradigm shift, offering new degrees with a common core focused on teams of students ...

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Innovation Multiplication


I came across an interesting video with economist Alex Tabarrok talking about the incredible rate of progress in idea creation in the last 50 years and the prognosis for the next 100 years. His main premise? “One Idea, One World, One Market” Check out the video: The video does a great job of visualizing part of the reason that the ...

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Do Rewards Kill Innovation and Creativity?


I am constantly asked how to best structure a financial reward system in an effort to motivate people to contribute ideas and improvements. My answer: Just say no. Combined research from the Employee Involvement Association and Japan Human Relations Association reveals that the average number of ideas submitted per employee annually is 100 times greater in Japanese companies than in ...

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Innovation in Education


Teaching Moves Beyond the Classroom Somewhat surprisingly, and despite huge advances in technology and communications, very little has changed in the way we teach – either in formal educational settings or in the world of work. Whereas the ways we learn and access knowledge in our day-to-day lives are almost entirely informal, the vast majority of teaching is still done ...

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Creativity versus Literacy

I came across this video of Sir Ken Robinson speaking about how schools kill creativity. He contends that more emphasis should be placed on teaching creativity in schools, and that teaching creativity should be as important as teaching literacy. Here are some of his other key thoughts and insights: The great thing about children is that if they don’t know, ...

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Twitter in the Classroom


During Clayton Christensen’s talk at the World Innovation Forum about innovation in education and healthcare, Dr. Christensen made a point about how technology will move more of education out of the classroom and onto the Internet. He was mostly speaking about augmenting home schooling, but also about school leavers earning their equivalency online, and online advanced placement courses for kids ...

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