End of the Line for the Printed Word

One trend was highlighted again today. Of eight people sunbathing and reading around the pool, only two had paper books - and one of those was me. My excuse is that I had been running a conference in Miami and was given a book on quantum mechanics. Otherwise there would have only been one paper book in evidence.

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"Me too" is Not Innovation


This holiday season Amazon introduced its tablet, the Kindle Fire. It was seen as a major move for Amazon, a possible threat to Netflix and an attractively priced alternative to the iPad. The media gushed. Jeff Bezos did his best Steve Jobs impression. It won’t mean a thing. A year from now, the iPad will still rule the tablet world.

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Marketing Innovation – Pants on Fire and the Metaphor Tool

Here is an example from the long-running Progressive campaign featuring the lovable character, Flo. It uses the metaphor tool. The Metaphor is the most commonly used tool in marketing communications because it is a great way to attach meaning to a newly-launched product or brand. The Metaphor Tool takes a well-recognized and accepted cultural symbol and manipulates it to connect to the product, brand, or message.

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Dynamic Pricing Hits Broadway


This past weekend, a New York Times story written by Patrick Healy described how Broadway is adopting the newest trend in pricing models - dynamic pricing. The article - Broadway Hits Make Most of Premium Pricing - highlighted the recent success of performances like "Hugh Jackman; Back on Broadway" in leveraging dynamic pricing.

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Television: Part 2 – The Future is Bright


When all else fails, try being good. So starts New York Magazine’s excellent feature this month on why American television is better than it’s been in ages. In a world where American Idol, Survivor and Dancing with the Stars are used to being the center of attention, smaller shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and 30 Rock are changing the way Americans look at TV.

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