Suggestion Box vs. Idea Management Software


We've all seen them. Suggestion boxes. But are they really innovative? Do they really provide companies with everything they need to capture suggestions and ideas? If you're looking to evaluate the necessity of your suggestion box consider these four points for why idea management software can beat a suggestion box...

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Start at the End


Dave Lavinsky is a serial entrepreneur who built his own company from the ground up. His book, Start at the End, was a #1 Bestseller on Amazon just one week after it was released. The goal of the book is to learn how to work fewer hours and be efficient when working at a new job or starting a business. For innovation practitioners, here are his top 12 tips:

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5 Ways to Harness Innovation Tools


Once you have an innovation tool within your company, you might be wondering what process you might implement in order to encourage idea development. We've come up with a few best practices below of policies and practices to implement in order to truly get discussions going on ideas ...

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Four Rules to Snap Judge a New Venture


I analyzed multiple businesses for investment and acquisition purposes in the last 20+ years of my profesisonal career. In 2009 alone I suspect I reviewed more than 600 different businesses. Obviously, you need to develop “snap judgment” capabilities, that allow you to quickly, in less than a minute, develop a “gut feeling” for whether a certain business is a good investment or not.

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The Yolks on You


Too often we all run around trying to pluck a gamechanging idea out of thin air that nobody has ever seen, solving a problem that has never been solved, when really if the truth be told, there are still lots of existing problems with lots of solutions that are still waiting for a simple, elegant solution.

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