Future of Facebook – Part One


We live in stormy times. Accelerating change in technology and information is transforming our world, making it more difficult to predict and navigate. Opportunities and challenges alike are growing in scale and complexity, as reflected in massive fast-growing systems like Facebook. It’s important to think about these things now and generate predictions and scenarios for possible futures, so that sensible ...

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Ten Rules for Starting a Business


I’ll never forget the very first day of Heinz Marketing. It was just me, a laptop and a (pending) business license. I had a meeting with a new client in downtown Seattle in the morning, and a prospect in the afternoon. My mid-day office? The public library. It was exciting. And terrifying. Still is. If you’ve started a business, you ...

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Entrepreneurs and the Art of Problem Solving


It’s been said that a problem clearly stated is already half solved, but for most entrepreneurs, impatience usually gets the best of them and they never get the chance to apply the necessary critical thinking skills to solve the myriad problems encountered on a daily basis. Even for the most critical of problems, their problem solving techniques is more of ...

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Startup America to Accelerate Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Point: Entrepreneurs in high-growth companies can influence the federal government to increase their company’s access to capital, people, and markets. Story: Accelerating high-growth entrepreneurship Background: The Startup America Partnership, an initiative launched by President Obama in 2011, seeks to accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship. One step is to reduce the barriers entrepreneurs face when starting high-growth businesses. To accomplish this step, senior ...

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Being Best More Important than Being First


A few weeks ago Techcrunch published an article about a startup that got seed money from a well know group of VC’s. And because this startup is working on a similar concept that my team and I are developing, it got my attention. I immediately sent it to my crew. Their reaction was interesting. Basically they thought that that was ...

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David Didn't Beat Goliath with a Whiteboard


Tim Ferris, best-selling author of The 4-Hour Workweek has written a great essay that is featured in the entrepreneurial TechStars book Do More Faster talking about the value of ideas. Titled Trust Me, Your Idea is Worthless, Tim’s point is that “earth shattering and world-changing ideas are a dime a dozen. In fact, that’s being too generous.” Ferris feels that ...

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Winning From the Edge


Last week I was back home in New Zealand, speaking to Deloitte alumni in Auckland and Wellington. Deloitte NZ CEO Murray Jack and his team had a great energy, and a vital question to ask: How can New Zealand win from the edge? It’s a time-honored theme for a country half a world away from most places, and more relevant ...

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