Being Best More Important than Being First


A few weeks ago Techcrunch published an article about a startup that got seed money from a well know group of VC’s. And because this startup is working on a similar concept that my team and I are developing, it got my attention. I immediately sent it to my crew. Their reaction was interesting. Basically they thought that that was ...

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David Didn't Beat Goliath with a Whiteboard


Tim Ferris, best-selling author of The 4-Hour Workweek has written a great essay that is featured in the entrepreneurial TechStars book Do More Faster talking about the value of ideas. Titled Trust Me, Your Idea is Worthless, Tim’s point is that “earth shattering and world-changing ideas are a dime a dozen. In fact, that’s being too generous.” Ferris feels that ...

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Winning From the Edge


Last week I was back home in New Zealand, speaking to Deloitte alumni in Auckland and Wellington. Deloitte NZ CEO Murray Jack and his team had a great energy, and a vital question to ask: How can New Zealand win from the edge? It’s a time-honored theme for a country half a world away from most places, and more relevant ...

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Mobile Madness


Recently I wrote about our love affair with television. One of the factors that is fueling the growth of TV in its many guises globally is mobile connectivity, which is going stratospheric, shattering all kinds of limits. In an always-on world our smallest screens wire us to hot hubs, free us to shift to the edge, and unshackle enterprise and ...

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Don't Measure Innovation the Easy Way


Stop me if you’ve heard this joke before, but I think it is exceptionally relevant to measuring innovation. A guy walks out of a bar one evening and sees a drunk searching for something on the sidewalk. He stops the drunk and asks him what he is doing. “Looking for my keys” the drunk responds. The guy decides to help ...

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Innovators are Effectual Thinkers


Innovation is less about causal thinking than it is about effectual thinking. I confess I didn’t know “effectual” was a word until I was recently directed to the ground breaking research of Dr. Saras Sarasvathy, a professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. She interviewed 45 successful entrepreneurs. (Or, more accurately, asked them to think out loud ...

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The Next Great Innovation Opportunity


The Great Unwinding by Jeffrey Phillips This week is clearly a “sports” oriented week, as recently I discussed what innovators could learn from baseball. I focused primarily on strategy, coaching and practice. Today’s post was triggered by my family’s enjoyment of tennis. For those of you who enjoy tennis you know the drill. You need a good, fresh set of ...

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