Optimizing Innovation – Dr. Guido Petit of Alcatel-Lucent


We are happy to bring you some of the key points and insights from Dr. Guido Petit’s talk at the Optimizing Innovation Conference, which was held October 21-22, 2009 in New York City. Dr. Guido Petit, Director of the Alcatel-Lucent Technical Academy spoke about Optimizing Innovation through Entrepreneurial Boot Camps. The program had its genesis back in 2002 after massive ...

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The Other Innovation Guru at Harvard Business School


A colleague asked me, “Who is that innovation guru at the Harvard Business School?” That’s easy: Dr. Teresa Amabile Dr. Amabile heads the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School and is the only tenured professor at a top school to devote her entire research program to the study of creativity. She is one of the world’s leading voices in ...

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Can entrepreneurs lead us out of this crisis?


I agree with Tom Hayes and Michael Malone in their belief that “Entrepreneurs Can Lead Us Out of the Crisis.” Why? Because entrepreneurs have the agility, flexibility, and grit to make change happen. Innovation is the chief tool of the entrepreneur. Hayes and Malone outline about a half dozen ways the new administration can help them. And those ways are ...

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Start-ups Don't Starve, They Drown

Three Steps to Keep from Drowning in Big Data

A former colleague who worked with me at a couple different start-ups had this quote at the top of his white board at all times: “Start-ups don’t starve, they drown.” The point is simple – very few of our organizations have a lack of opportunity, or things to do. One of our most important jobs is to choose the right ...

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Challenging from the Edge of the World


by Kevin Roberts I wrote yesterday about the recent YMCA Raise Up N’ Represent in Auckland. In my speech I referenced a startup by three twenty-something guys in Dunedin, a city near the southern tip of New Zealand’s south island. If New Zealand is the Edge of the world, Dunedin is at the Edge of the Edge. And as I’ve ...

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People First, Processes Next, Then Ideas


The chief thing you as an innovation leader must realize is that when it comes to making innovation happen, people matter more than ideas. Take a moment to think about that. Many innovation initiatives fail miserably because their leaders don’t understand this simple fact. In fact, it is actually more important to have A-grade people than it is to have ...

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Five Key Characteristics of an Entrepreneur


I briefly followed a Twitter conversation yesterday afternoon that attempted to define what a real entrepreneur is. It stemmed from one individual’s frustration that some small company employees considered themselves entrepreneurs, even though they did not own or start the company. I wonder if it matters. Furthermore, I love the idea of employees – at big companies and small – ...

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Innovation as a Team Sport – Intuit


YOU: Fresh, dynamic, innovative entrepreneur or company. Relishes out-of-the-box thinking. Eager to deliver new product or service that improves the lives of millions. Web and social savvy. You think in the cloud – as in computing. US: $3 billion innovative software company. Searching for passionate, spirited people who want to bring new ideas and products to life. Believes innovation is ...

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10 Innovation Lessons I've Learned

What should innovation leaders and intrapreneurs know about innovation projects and new ventures? I have had the pleasure of working with such people for many years and I begin to see a pattern that I have summarized into 10 lessons for innovation leaders and intrapreneurs: 1. Know that innovation and intrapreneurship is about teams build a team of people with ...

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