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Google + Nest: Benefit Trumps Fear


With the Internet of Things around the corner, privacy can become a great concern. The recent announcement that Google is acquiring Nest, a tech startup that makes smart thermostats and smoke detectors for the home, has raised significant discussions about privacy and the future of innovations.

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Selling YOUR Innovation


The most important measure of a successful commercial innovation is revenue traction. Operation’s requires it and VCs & Angels often demand it before engaging. Yet many innovators’ efforts end at the point of marketing. Completing the revenue capture process with a solid sales strategy is essential.

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Need Innovative Employees? Hire a Vet


The military way of life necessitates learning agility in both training and combat. As a long-time Army officer and innovator, IX Contributor Mick Simonelli constantly witnessed soldiers and units innovating; and as a corporate executive, he diligently hired military veterans to successfully launch change. Read more...

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Free eBook: The Power of Co-Creation in Healthcare Innovation


Douglas S. Williams, LeAnna J. Carey, and Kevin Riley have published a free eBook entitled, "The Power of Co-Creation in Healthcare Innovation," which serves as a conversation starter about the ailing healthcare industry and how co-creation amongst key stakeholders can lead to its transformation. The eBook includes exclusive healthcare practitioner survey data as well as a mini-case study about how the authors co-created modelH, the business model canvas for healthcare.

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NPD's Future Goes New Orleans


Location, location, location is as true for conferences as it is for Real Estate. Events are engines of economic development for the cities they choose. We’ll be doing more on both - cities and their innovation events this year - bringing you the innovation highlights from both. That’s why we were excited that the Frost & Sullivan Innovation in NPD and Marketing is going to New Orleans!

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