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2014 Top Trend Sites


As innovator you need to look ahead and prepare your organization for the future. Not an easy job, knowing the world is changing at an increasing pace. What’s going to happen? How will my market change? What new technology is out there? How are target groups changing? And what impact will it have on us?

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Desperately Seeking WOW


There is a twilight period triggered by a business downturn when the leaders and innovators demonstrate whether they are leading change or being chased by change. Recently, some painful examples from global companies illustrate what business has to do during the limited twilight period when bright business conditions transition to dark and stormy. In my experience...

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Creating Innovation Cocktails at #BEI13


Great conferences are a lot like great cocktail parties. We had two kinds of cocktails at the IIR Back End of Innovation in Santa Clara in November. Real-deal parties hosted by Tito's Vodka, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Vision Services Program, and also by Roche to toast Vivek Wadwha on his new book: Innovating Women. And then a parallel cocktail party stream which lasted for 72 hours and not a drop of liquor was served, because...it was the whole conference...exponential stories and bumper-car meet ups with people who were doing stuff you wanted to know more about...here are a few of the great one liners that suggest why!

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Invent the Future of Innovation


Business leaders, professionals, new entrants to the workforce and students understand the need to develop sustainable innovation capability as a path to professional and organizational growth. Yet many really haven’t been through the cycle of idea to commercialization, so there is a lack of practical experience. Learn about Global Innovation Certification here...

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