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Selling Your Innovation Ideas

A Critical Executive Skill Chances are you are required, on a regular basis, to sell ideas. Time and again in my work as an innovation coach, I see that the ability to build the buy-in for our ideas is a key determinant of success, both internally and externally. How can you improve your skills in this vital arena? Here are ...

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Who says that the Government cannot Innovate?


Whether based on the economy, health care legislation, or changes in purchaser mindset, it may be the perfect time for health care companies to step back from their BHAG’s in order to gain some innovation perspective.  Have the big questions changed? Here is a question that may raise eyebrows: What does health care need? Health care needs a healthy dose of innovation. ...

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An Innovation Eclipse

The failure of Solyndra last week – a United States solar energy venture backed by $535 million in federal loan guarantees drew the ire of many people concerned with the state of the federal budget deficit and the growing national debt. But was the federal government wrong to offer loan guarantees to Solyndra? This is the question many people are ...

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Anticipate What’s Next


Look closely at a business with good timing and you will find it is skilled at anticipation. The company muscles seem to act and respond in such a way as to produce maximum impact at just the right moment. This stems from early cues and putting the information to work faster than others can. Anticipation is the action that puts ...

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Schumpeter Reloaded


Creative Creation Economist Joseph Schumpeter’s signal contribution to economics was to put innovation at the core of economic development. He saw beyond the field’s obsession with marginal cost analysis and price-based competition, understanding that this fixation was merely a function of the ability to model such features of the landscape cleanly, with little regard for their ultimately secondary, and perhaps ...

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McQueen at the Met – A Lesson in Demand Creation


When the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit closed on August 7 at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, it left a swath of unmet needs, unfulfilled consumer demand, and a transformation of the designer’s personal and corporate brand.  The late McQueen was elevated from fashion rebel/outsider to Artist/household name in the exhibit’s wake, but for thousands of New Yorkers ...

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Caution! Innovator Crossing

Are You Indispensable at Work? In a time of economic disruption, unprecedented downsizings, budgetary cutbacks and the constant pressure to outsource more and more routine functions (and the employees who perform them), advice on professional survival always seems to convey the same tired message: Be visible. Don’t make enemies. Brown nose the boss. And work even harder. In reality, you ...

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The Innovator’s Toolbox


Seven Tips for Developing Experimenting Skills Innovators engage in three types of experimenting to generate data and spark new insights: trying out new experiences, taking things apart, and testing ideas by creating prototypes and pilots. Although questioning, observing, and networking are excellent for providing data about the past and present, experimenting is the best technique for generating data on what ...

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Declaration of Innovation

We believe that innovation is not about silos – it happens at the intersections. We therefore commit ourselves to building a global community around innovation that will maximize connection and conversation across the world, helping to create the unique intersections that become the birthplace of big, breakthrough ideas.

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