Feature Of The Week

The Innovation Movement Gains Momentum!


Is every corner of your organization pulsing—at all times—with radical, rule-breaking concepts for new products, services, strategies, and businesses, providing you with a continual flow of innovations with which to delight your customers, confound your competitors, and richly reward your shareholders?

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Edison's Approach to Goals


The State of the Union address often serves as my first mile marker for reviewing the goals I set for the coming year. It’s right about now that the shiny New Year’s resolutions we made on January 1st don’t look so compelling. At best, many of us have lost a big dose of the motivation we felt for our goals in the first place. At worst, our resolutions have evaporated into thin air.

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Live Innovation from the White House

There are some interesting lessons for innovators from the White House’s approach to the State of the Union address airing tonight. This administration practices deep listening better than many innovators, and they will be doing more of it in a variety of ways following tonight’s speech. Imagine if similar opportunities were afforded to your customers to give you insight and advice on how to improve your product or service.

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Manufacturing Bright Ideas


Everybody has ideas. But innovators have a process for working with their ideas that they can articulate. Start the process of retooling your own idea factory by asking yourself how well it has been manufacturing ideas lately. Then use these eight guidelines to gear up your idea factory again.

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