Feature Of The Week

The Innovation Genome Project


The Innovation Genome Project is an Autodesk initiative where we’re studying the world’s most important 1,000 historical innovations, as a way to discover actual best practices and create tools that Autodesk employees and customers can really use to make their work more innovative.

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A Christmas Story of Innovation


Jim turned from staring through his microscope, rubbing his eyes, and looked out the window. It was dark and the snow was really coming down. The lamppost had turned that funny yellow color as more and more snow was falling in the car park and building those little domes of snow on top of everything . It was the Friday before Christmas, the last day in the office for three days.

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Best US Universities for Innovation Transfer?


A university's ability to create and share innovative technology and know-how should be evaluated in a holistic way that includes both academic and commercial activities. In this article I compare the innovation transfer activities of U.S. research universities in a new, multi-faceted way: by counting and mapping universities according to their ability to...

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The Geoffrey Moore Interview – ‘Escape Velocity’


I had the opportunity recently to interview Geoffrey A Moore, the best-selling author of such popular books as Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornado, The Gorilla Game and Dealing with Darwin. He has a new book out called Escape Velocity: Free Your Company's Future from the Pull of the Past and having had some of his books on the Innovation Excellence Reading List for a while I thought it made sense to sit down and pose him some questions to get some of his latest perspectives, thoughts and insights on innovation.

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7 Innovation Questions for Andy Stefanovich


I have been lucky enough to know Andy Stefanovich for over seven years. He is Chief Curator and Provocateur at Prophet, a strategic branding and marketing consultancy, and the author of Look at More. More importantly to me, he is on my personal Top 10 list of cool, creative, innovation catalyst's I turn to for inspiration. Andy a truly innovative thinker and a change agent like no other.

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Innovation is in the Bag


I’ve always said that you can innovate around literally anything, whether it’s toasters, tires, or paint cans, or a conventional business model like, say, banking, or air travel, or automobiles. All you have to do is use the right methodology to start radically reinventing whatever has gone before.

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Customer Value Pulses


Customer value pulses are targeted waves that result in steady, rhythmic increases in market growth and value production. Market growth and value production can each happen independently, but then you experience them as propped up by your effort, leaning heavy on the work you must continue just to keep them alive. Better to bring the two together and let them support each other, even create synergies together.

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Selling Your Innovation Ideas

A Critical Executive Skill Chances are you are required, on a regular basis, to sell ideas. Time and again in my work as an innovation coach, I see that the ability to build the buy-in for our ideas is a key determinant of success, both internally and externally. How can you improve your skills in this vital arena? Here are ...

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