3 Lessons in Disruptive Innovation to Learn Today


Disruptive innovations have a knack for penetrating or outright creating new markets where none previously existed. The inventions behind a disruptive innovation sell. They are the ultimate proof point of utility because they literally disrupt the status quo in some vertical or space often providing a consumer with a new experience or service they didn't even realize they wanted.

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Save a Dollar – Lose a Customer


Buca di Beppo, you may know, is a chain of Italian restaurants. Their particular focus has been rustic, family-style Northern Italian food. Although it’s a chain and has grown like gangbusters, until recently they seemed to have retained their authentic charm, which included great food, service, ambiance, the whole package. My foreshadowing skills are awful, so you can probably already ...

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Telcos Become Banks – Facebook Next?


I came across an article yesterday on GigaOm – Dreams of mobile payments lead telco to try banking – notifying us that Rogers, a Canadian mobile carrier, has filed to become a bank. It makes sense, as we see various iterations of mobile wallets coming into existence, and carriers looking for a new revenue stream. Of course, it’s yet to ...

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The Need for True Financial Innovation


Facilitating Mobility for People in Banking – a Paradigm Shift While mobile solutions companies continue to drive product development and their point solutions under the banner of technological innovation the more they miss the plot. So much focus and effort seems to be invested in taking an existing product and merely re-platform it to be functionally available through a mobile ...

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Drafting a Business Case for Innovation


You can only present an idea for the first time, once! So when you have the chance to present it to your board, be aware of the fact that a new product idea is not only ‘a creative product’ but also must comply to all the regular business criteria of your organisation too.  Does it have (extra) turnover potential? Does ...

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Innovation in Private Equity

Private equity firms can boost the value of their investment portfolio by applying a systematic innovation method along the entire investment value chain – before, during, and even after the investment. Private equity firms are collections of investors and funds that put money into privately-held companies. Private equity investments provide working capital to a target company to nurture expansion, new ...

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When Cash Isn't King


In times of economic uncertainty, it’s wise to “store nuts”, as an entrepreneur friend of mine says. There’s no question that U.S. companies are doing just that, with nearly two trillion dollars in earnings sitting on the sidelines. But be careful. Commenting on the competing interests of management and shareholders, legendary value investor Benjamin Graham once said, “The more dubious ...

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Do Tax Breaks for R&D Lead to Innovation?


Innovation is a complex process and I’m always skeptical about simple solutions to encourage companies to be more innovative. Recently I have written about some evidence against the widely-held assumption that creating industry clusters will make firms in these clusters more innovative. It turns out the the relationship between industry clusters and innovation depends a lot more on the type ...

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7 Reasons Why Capital Markets Need to Innovate


In the last month the SEC has said that it will consider changes to certain capital markets regulations, including: Raising the 500 shareholder threshold that triggers a public disclosure of financial results (and usually results in a public stock offering); Adjusting the ban on general solicitations that prohibit or restrict publicizing share offerings; and Allowing some form of crowdsourcing to ...

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