Who says that the Government cannot Innovate?


Whether based on the economy, health care legislation, or changes in purchaser mindset, it may be the perfect time for health care companies to step back from their BHAG’s in order to gain some innovation perspective.  Have the big questions changed? Here is a question that may raise eyebrows: What does health care need? Health care needs a healthy dose of innovation. ...

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Bizarre laws standing in the way of innovation


When you think of the U.S., you often think of the word “opportunity”. For hundreds of years, people have immigrated to the U.S. because it was the “land of opportunity”. That isn’t to say that there aren’t many hurdles – you need an idea, skills, drive, sometimes capital, a dash of luck, and that is just the tip of the ...

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The Darker Side of Innovation

Productivity and Creative Destruction The whole issue of innovation productivity is getting more and more one of the key arguments for re-gaining economic growth. The problem becomes the real impact of ‘creative destruction’ that can often go with this. I recently wrote in a blog called ‘The Risks of Dampening Down Innovation Productivity” that with contracting economic performance, innovation performance ...

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Should Any Innovation Be Nationally Structured?


In a recent article I submitted to Social Innovation Europe, who are building and streamlining the social innovation field in Europe, I made some arguments against national borders for social innovation, actually I'd say any innovation, even in its organizing values. We simply miss to much in todays globally connected world. Let me explain that part here on 'the why' that I believe in this:

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An Innovation Eclipse

The failure of Solyndra last week – a United States solar energy venture backed by $535 million in federal loan guarantees drew the ire of many people concerned with the state of the federal budget deficit and the growing national debt. But was the federal government wrong to offer loan guarantees to Solyndra? This is the question many people are ...

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The Risks of Dampening Down Innovation Productivity


With many of the leading developed and developing countries experiencing a contracting economic performance we are getting caught in a ‘catch 22’ situation. The more our firms do not expand, the lower the innovation productivity rate. The lower the productivity rate, the tougher it becomes to improve standards of living, boost skills, deepen capabilities, keep competitive and find those more ...

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Mind the Innovation Gap


I did a workshop last week with a group working on improving innovation within the Australian school system. I played my normal role of grenade-thrower, errr, thought-provoker on the topic of innovation, while working with eight other people that all have backgrounds in education. As the day went on, I noticed something interesting. In sessions like this, people always pick ...

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Comments on Brookings Institute's Report on Innovation

The Brookings Institute released their August report from the Hamilton Project titled, “A Dozen Economic Facts About Innovation” by Greenstone and Looney. The report documented their findings on how innovation benefits the U.S. economy; that the pace of U.S. innovation has been slowing; and what lies ahead for the future of U.S. innovation. There is no doubt that innovation has ...

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"Tanks Alot" and Other Words of Wisdom on the Situation


Adults, Would-Be Adults and Kids Weigh In… First, my favorite pot shot from the non-adult, the most adolescent of journalistic voices, The New York Post… “Tanks Alot” with a picture of our president. Blaming someone else, in this case BAM as they punk-call him, versus being accountable. The very definition of non-adulthood. “People are going to feel less rich and ...

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