Innovation Perspectives – A Rhetorical Question


This is the lost fifth ‘Innovation Perspective‘ article that we were supposed to publish last month as part of a series from multiple authors to get different perspectives on ‘Should companies treat innovation management as a core competence? And if so, how?’. Here is the missing perspective in the series: by Kevin McFarthing It’s really a rhetorical question – should ...

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Make Yourself Obsolete or Your Competitors Will


Peter Drucker tells a great story about how the leading American consumer electronics manufacturers fumbled away their technological advantage during the early days of the transistors. “In 1947, Bell Laboratories invented the transistor. It was at once realized that the transistor was going to replace the vacuum tube, especially in consumer electronics such as radio and the brand-new television set. ...

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Taking the Subtle Knife to Innovation

I have to admit that Twitter has become a distraction for me. I use Twitter as a smart Feed Reader, relying on people I follow in the innovation community to alert me to things that are informative and interesting. Unfortunately there are so many people writing so much good stuff about innovation that Twitter itself becomes almost overwhelming. Here’s a ...

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Innovating the Business Model


Missing the Window of Opportunity or Seizing the Advantage by Paul Hobcraft Business model innovation is shaping up to be one of the most challenging aspects for leadership of existing business or that aspiring leaders need to fully understand. The question today being faced by many is how to transform existing business models so as to avoid that race to ...

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Connected Adjacency Innovation


Don’t go to war with current models and systems. Too many are in love with them and you will lose. Create the future through connected adjacencies. Why are innovators so quick to go to the mattresses? Like a scene right out of The Godfather innovators are wired to assume a war footing. Innovators start from a premise that intransigent models ...

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Please Help Ignite the Innovation Bonfire


Every successful organization began as a nimble, innovative startup with the ability to course-correct and quickly adapt to the needs of its customers. But along the way, success and growth cause changes in the structure, the culture, and sometimes even the vision of organizations. Successful, growing organizations often focus on driving out the operational inefficiencies they maintained during their startup ...

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The Unbalanced Benefits of Crowdsourcing


I just read a nice article on BusinessWeek – Workers of the World, Innovate – that looked into employee-driven innovation and crowdsourcing. The article prompted a comment that starts like this: “I have a real problem with this. Crowdsourcing is heavily biased towards benefiting those who run businesses, but not the idea creators. It cheapens the skill of creative thinking ...

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Role of Government in Innovation


UK Department of Innovation by Roy Luebke During some recent research I came across some very interesting innovation developments occurring in England. The British government has established innovation as a central economic focus and has created organizations to serve as catalysts or as a network connector between investment sources, education, industry and public departments to stimulate advances in science, technology, ...

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Introducing Snack-Sized Innovation Consulting


As many of you know, Blogging Innovation is a sideline for me, and a way of giving back by bringing together the best innovation and marketing insights I can get access to and then make them accessible for the greater good. To pay the bills and keep Blogging Innovation going, I do consulting, speaking and writing. In recognition of the ...

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