Unlock Your Inner Edison

Aside from patenting over 1,000 ideas in his lifetime, Edison gave birth to the modern ideas-driven organization. As the Time article points out, his Menlo Park “invention factory” was “the forerunner of every business-world creative cockpit, from the Ford engineering center to the Microsoft campus and Google’s Googleplex.”

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Innovation Acceleration or Deceleration?


Do Your Innovation Emperor, Rules & Idea Management Help or Hinder the Process? by Robert F. Brands with Jeff Zbar In the pursuit of innovation, many “enlightened” companies try to follow what they believe are established morays and best practices. They install someone to manage new product development or innovation. They set up a litany of rules. And they select ...

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The Practice of Excellence


Limits Thereto. Or Not? by Tom Peters As you doubtless know, one of my signature phrases is… EXCELLENCE. Always. I mean it! But what does it mean? Someone joked, “Excellence in leadership! Excellence in innovation! Excellence in management! Excellence in excellence!” That is, the phrase can readily be reduced to meaninglessness or even absurdity. Fact is, some tasks are not ...

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Secrets of Innovation Revealed


At innovation consultant’s school, along with the long cape and decoder ring, most of us were issued with the ten secrets of innovation that we are sworn to protect. This knowledge, handed down from the ancients, enables us to have great powers and sway over our customers. Here, in this post, in a solo act of great bravery, I will ...

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Yes, Business Model Innovation is Innovation


Two authors that I enjoy reading are talking today about Business Model innovation – a subject that I’m passionate about and often write about. Idris Mootee wrote What Do You Know About Business Model Innovation?, and Stefan Lindegaard wrote about Business Model Innovation – Big Risk, Big Rewards. Both articles note the confusion that people have when trying to define ...

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What Do You Know About Business Model Innovation?


People are confused about the difference between Business Model, Strategy and Innovation. by Idris Mootee Most people think they know what a business model is. But when you ask them about the “strategy’ then they wondered what they’re talking about. Most of the time they mean business strategy (what a company does and how to make money) and use the ...

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Business Model Innovation – Big Risk, Big Rewards


There is a lot of talk about business model innovation these days. Psion, the maker of mobile handheld computers has joined in and they aim high. They want to no less than revolutionize the rugged mobile computing market with its move to an open innovation business model in which Psion will co-create mobile hardware, software and services, bringing together customers, ...

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How to Write a Marketing Plan with Five Questions


Ask 20 marketers how to write a marketing plan, and you’ll get 20 different answers. Some have more strategy than tactics, some get tactical immediately without a strategic foundation. But the biggest problem most marketing plans have is that they’re company-centric. They’re written from your point of view, based on what you want from the market, and they fail to ...

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