Will Product Intelligence Develop the Next Sensor Device?


Kobi Gershoni oversees Signals' research methodologies and analytics team. Today he shares data visualization and a Personal Healthcare case study that demonstrates how open source intelligence, or the practice of connecting the dots between publicly available source types, enables a new path to evidence-based decision support for new product development. Let’s see how it works...

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Lean Innovation Series – Introduction


I've started working with a local healthcare insurance company in a role focused on driving improvement and innovation in its membership and billing operations. The company has a big focus on LEAN throughout the company and always has some sort of value stream mapping (VSM) or rapid process improvement workshop (RPIW) going on through the Kaizen Promotion Office (KPO). Despite this only being my second week on the job, I have already been involved in the company's LEAN efforts.

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Is Social Media Unhealthy?

A Harvard University study revealed that during self-disclosure on social media, participants activated the Nucleus Accumbens. This region is important in the development of addictions -- it lights up when someone takes cocaine or other drugs. Self-disclosure activates the same part of the brain associated with the sensation of pleasure -- the same pleasure we get from having sex, eating food, and receiving money.

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Innovation or Not? – Healthy Chocolate


I came across the inspiration for the latest in the "Innovation or Not?" series through a London Business School announcement of their upcoming TELL Series speakers, and noticing that Nancy Cruickshank, co-Founder of MyShowcase would be speaking on May 21, 2014. Clicking over to the web site, I noticed that one of the highlighted products was Ohso Probiotic Chocolate which Andrew Marten brands as a healthy chocolate.

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modelH Update: Externalities


modelH is a co-creation forum dedicated to building an open source business model canvas for the healthcare industry. Our recent (and final!) project sprint on Externalities was very engaging, with strong opinions expressed for both including and excluding Externalities as part of the modelH canvas. This update will bring you up to speed on our conclusions following that debate, and let you know how to continue to stay engaged with modelH in 2014.

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modelH update: Informatics


modelH is a co-creation forum dedicated to building an open source business model canvas for the US healthcare system. Our recent project sprint on Informatics defined the importance of analytics when evaluating the success of a business model. This update will bring you up to speed on what the modelH community has been doing recently, what we're addressing in the last phase of the modelH project, and how you can get involved.

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