The Medical Innovation Bill


We are living in an increasingly litigious age. The number of lawsuits brought against the British National Health Service has doubled in the last four years. The fear of litigation and the real possibility of been found guilty of medical malpractice are inhibiting hospitals and doctors from trying promising new ideas in the treatment of deadly illnesses. Lord Saatchi has introduced into Parliament a Medical Innovation Bill which aims to encourage responsible scientific experimentation in medicine.

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modelH – Health Model Co-Creation Forum (part 4)

After reading my 3 earlier posts, I hope we have you convinced that this is a worthwhile effort and that you should join us. By joining the forum – you join the movement to create a better healthcare system. The solutions for transforming healthcare will come from harnessing diverse ideas from across the ecosystem of healthcare stakeholders. We are inviting individuals inside and outside of the healthcare industry to join us on one platform to ignite conversations and build solutions for new business models within US healthcare. That means you – yes, you are invited!

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modelH – Health Model Co-Creation Forum (part 2)


How do we solve the problem? The American healthcare system is not so much broken as made up of working parts not working together. The modelH team believes the ecosystem can be fixed! The answer lies in aligning the business model so all stakeholders share an understanding of “value” across the themes of consumption, delivery, and financing.

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Too Much of a Good Thing


Can you innovate too much? After all, new ideas fuel organic growth. One would think an organization would be happy to have as many ideas as possible. But not always. Here are scenarios where over-innovating might be considered too much of a good thing.

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Healthcare Kiosks are Coming


Walk-in kiosks for retail settings are coming and promise to deliver healthcare on the spot via telemedicine. HealthSpot is part of a wave of upcoming small, walk-in telemedicine kiosk designed to deliver access to high-quality healthcare in retail stores and other non-traditional settings.

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Lessons from an Innovation Rescue


Early retail acceptance can make or break many new products. When your latest innovation doesn’t hit the sales rate the retailer expects your product may be discontinued, resulting in a downward sales spiral. Here are some of the lessons learned from entrepreneurs who had to react quickly when CVS dropped their At Heart® emergency aspirin product.

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