Innovate Smarter – Building Innovation Programs Partnerships


When your internal innovation development program isn’t providing the returns that you expected how do you know where to look for the source of the problem? Is it a string of bad luck...or leadership, culture...or is it a fundamental issue with the program itself? By leveraging the collective intelligence of their member organizations Innovators International has found a better way to solve these problems.

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Scaling Excellence: Growth Without Compromise


Nearly every small-business owner wants to scale his or her business—to have it continue to grow and succeed. Eventually, though, even the most successful small business must master the natural tension between excellence and growth. Is it possible to scale up without losing quality?

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Connect Work Thrive: Reshaping Entrenprenuerial Growth


I believe that women represent a tremendous, untapped resource that has produced and will continue to yield huge returns for organizations and the communities they support. Through the power of women’s entrepreneurial activity, we create growth and prosperity while driving solutions for business and social problems. Women are a driving force of entrepreneurial growth and leading real, fundamental economic change.

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Quem é quem em Inovação III – Scott Anthony


Neste terceiro artigo sobre inovação & estratégia, optei por aplicar simultaneamente estes dois conceitos e cheguei a uma “estratégia inovadora”: ao invés de escrever sobre um importante autor em inovação, decidi entrevistá-lo diretamente. Este post apresenta a entrevista realizada com Scott D. Anthony, diretor-gerente da Innosight.

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