Innovation with Guerrilla Tactics


Being the smallest sewing machine manufacturer in the world, Bernina has always had to focus on innovation to stay one step ahead of their competition. Three years ago they decided to work with HYPE, a leading provider of idea management software. In the following interview, Innovation Manager Michael König gave HYPE some interesting insights into the Bernina innovation process and told us a real success story. HYPE: Mr. König, what is your company’s core business and where does innovation fit? König: The Bernina Company is the last remaining private sewing machine manufacturer in the world. We are also the smallest within the sector; therefore we need to come up with surprising and special offers in order to survive in the market.

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IX Treasure Trove – The Debbie Millman Design Matters Interviews

Innovation has many mothers. Over the past few decades, designers have been steadily moving onto the world stage as central figures, arbiters and midwives, in the birth of new innovations. Both inside and outside the corporate process, as seen regularly on the uber-TED channel, and of course (bow, scrape) through the “more money than the US Government” DNA of Steve ...

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Passionate Leadership Can Be Learned


I’ve always said that if you want to learn about leadership talk to someone who has actually led something. James (Jim) Quigley, Global CEO of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited is just such a leader, and the “something” he leads is a global professional services juggernaut with more than $26 Billion in revenue, and 170,000 people located in more than 150 ...

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Selling Innovation Change


I had the opportunity to interview Brett Clay, author of “Selling Change” recently. Here is text of the interview: 1. Why is innovation so important for organizations? In today’s era of global suppliers and Internet-empowered buyers, companies’ products are under constant pricing pressure. As margins become squeezed, companies must innovate to improve efficiencies and develop higher value products and services. ...

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Combining Internal and External Innovation

Interview – Stefan Lindegaard I had the opportunity to interview Stefan Lindegaard, author of “The Open Innovation Revolution” recently. Here is text of the interview: 1. Why is open innovation so important for organizations? Open innovation is about combining internal and external resources and to act on the opportunities this creates. More and more companies prove this to be a ...

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Seth Godin Interview (World Innovation Forum)


I had the opportunity to interview Seth Godin, author of “Linchpin”, “Purple Cow”, “Tribes” and nine other books, at the World Innovation Forum 2010 in New York, NY. On stage, Seth Godin presented mostly a fusion of content from “Tribes” and “Linchpin”. He started by defining innovation as doing ‘stuff’ that’s impossible, otherwise someone would already be doing it. Seth ...

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Wendy Kopp Interview (World Innovation Forum)


I had the opportunity to interview Wendy Kopp, Founder and CEO of Teach for America at the World Innovation Forum. Wendy is also the CEO and Founder of Teach For All, and the author of “One Day, All Children…”. “Twenty years ago, the prevailing notion was that there was no way to eliminate educational inequality based on socio-economics in the ...

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Video Interview – Dan Pink – Author of "Drive"


I had the opportunity to interview Dan Pink, author of the new book “Drive” at a biznik event last night. If you’re not familiar with biznik, it is an online community for entreprenurs and the independently employed. Instead of just stopping there, Biznik organizes several in-person events and an annual conference called Seattle BizJam (which I spoke at in 2007), ...

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The Importance of Consistency and Consensus


Interview – Steve McKee of “When Growth Stalls” I had the opportunity to interview Steve McKee, the author of “When Growth Stalls” about the challenges companies face when they lose focus, lack consensus, or fail to maintain consistency with their innovation efforts. We also discuss a variety of other innovation topics including: barriers to innovation, education, and metrics. Steve McKee ...

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Influencing Your Innovation Potential

Interview – Steve Todd of “Innovate with Influence” I have the pleasure of knowing Steve Todd (the Rockette on the left), a Distinguished Engineer for EMC Corporation with a hand in generating over 140 patent applications and billions of dollars in revenue. Steve has a great sense of humor and is the author of “Innovate with Influence – tales of ...

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