Leadership & Infrastructure

Testing Headwinds of Change

Every year, millions of people “resolve” to lose weight. It’s the number one goal set each January 1. And by about this time each year, it’s the most abandoned one. There are dozens of theories about why that might be, but the explanation I like most is that our optimism tends to overpower any thought of contingency planning.

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The 3-Hour Vision Meeting

The constant rapid changes in today's business climate demands on-the-fly gear shifting for teams and business units. Few can afford to wait until next year's 3-day strategic offsite meeting, a model fast becoming a relic of more halcyon days. So how do you quickly and nimbly get everyone on board to create collective mindshare and emotional investment in charting a path for the foreseeable future?

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Why We Need to Innovate Globally and Locally

When companies become global, for the most part they start and grow operations in various parts of the globe, at times driven by the desire to sell more and expand in these emerging/new markets, and also to take advantage of the lower cost of labor. However, as we discuss in ProVoke, innovation is truly global and is not intended to innovate in location ‘A’ (mostly applies to the US) and expect to succeed by exporting to the rest of the world.

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