Two Steps to Innovation

Innovation is a company’s future. Don’t believe me, ask the stock market. “Today, some 70% of the valuation of the top 500 S&P companies is made up of intangible capital, value not on the balance sheet,” according to Mark Van Clieaf, CEO of MVC International. Future growth from innovation is a significant contributor to intangible capital. What to do? Well ...

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Top 10 Tips for the Innovation Leader

1. Have a Vision for Change You cannot expect your team to be innovative if they do not know the direction in which they are headed. Innovation has to have a purpose. It is up to the leader to set the course and give a bearing for the future. You need one overarching statement which defines the direction for the ...

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The Leadership Rabbit Hole

Recently, I had the dubious honor to work with a senior executive who just doesn’t get it. Rodney was V.P. of Marketing for a leading manufacturer of networking technology. (Or so we’ll say – substitute the leader, politician, or other important person of your choice.) As such, it is Rodney’s job to create demand for his company’s products. And yet ...

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