Op Ed

Who says that the Government cannot Innovate?


Whether based on the economy, health care legislation, or changes in purchaser mindset, it may be the perfect time for health care companies to step back from their BHAG’s in order to gain some innovation perspective.  Have the big questions changed? Here is a question that may raise eyebrows: What does health care need? Health care needs a healthy dose of innovation. ...

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Weekend Mashup 9-18-11

“Confidence is a mystical thing.”  I don’t know who said it but I know that I heard it on NPR as I headed out to work Friday and listened to their report on consumer confidence and the market.  It struck me as not just true, but a place — geographically, economically and emotionally speaking — that innovators can, and must, ...

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Weekend Mashup 9-10-11


As this week wraps up on the tenth anniversary of 9-11 we are deluged and provoked by reflection and remembrance — especially here in New York and D.C.   To quote Kurt Anderson quoting Freud — there are three ways to deal with loss: inebriating substances, satisfying activities, and deflection. This week’s mashup includes some of all of the above: ...

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An Innovation Eclipse

The failure of Solyndra last week – a United States solar energy venture backed by $535 million in federal loan guarantees drew the ire of many people concerned with the state of the federal budget deficit and the growing national debt. But was the federal government wrong to offer loan guarantees to Solyndra? This is the question many people are ...

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The Need for True Financial Innovation


Facilitating Mobility for People in Banking – a Paradigm Shift While mobile solutions companies continue to drive product development and their point solutions under the banner of technological innovation the more they miss the plot. So much focus and effort seems to be invested in taking an existing product and merely re-platform it to be functionally available through a mobile ...

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Weekend Mashup 9-4-11!

Here's a new feature -- a quirky list of news from around the blogosphere that entertained, inspired, and provoked us: 1. Seth Godin's precise observational generosity: particularly his sharing of "a fascinating, generous and over-the-top-in-a-good-way article on infographics by Ed Fry." We'd loved it too! Worth bookmarking!

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