Global Super Shifts – Part One

Yesterday I wrote about the world’s booming population, a big undertow changing the way the world works. Here are five more super shifts redefining planet humanity, from Another five tomorrow. 1. Mobility in resources, people, products and services, capital, knowledge, beliefs, opinions The ongoing revolution in global communications technologies offers organizations the ability to work 24/7 across time zones. ...

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Population Acceleration

World population from 1800 to 2100, based on UN 2004 projections (red, orange, green) and US Census Bureau historical estimates The planet’s booming population is a mega trend reshaping everything. Over coming decades our growing presence and rampant appetite for resources will shake up every form of life on earth. At current birthrates, the world’s seven billionth inhabitant will join ...

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Tom Peters, Arie De Geus, and Roses

Sometimes life is like StumpleUpon. I was talking to Rowan Gibson today about Royal Dutch Shell and the work of Arie De Geus, memorialized in his book The Living Company and it turned out it had been important to both of us. Hearing Arie De Geus speak at a Senge Systems Thinking conference in Boston 20 years ago changed the ...

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