Time Management

Get More Done


Most times you’ll see this posed as a question “What matters most?” as people grapple with finding the meaning of life. That is not the case here… Instead I would like to share with you my simple management philosophy that will help you be more successful in today’s sometimes overwhelming, chaotic world of too many competing demands on your time.

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Three Innovation Clockspeeds


The pervasive lack of enthusiasm or even awareness of time in regards to innovation is a constant source of amazement for me. In organizations transfixed by time, speed and efficiency, innovation and product development are often the slowest out of the gate, the longest efforts to accomplish and seem completely unrelated to the real world.

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Making Time for Innovation


A very good friend of mine works for a large, global company with multiple locations around the world, many of which are run as “hot desks”. He is in a position of responsibility, and often finds himself travelling to a different destination on the other side of the world at short notice. It’s the kind of business where looking for ways to innovate is very important..

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Job Pressure, Priority and Innovation


I have been corresponding with a chap involved in an interesting new company in Ethiopia. He asked me the following question, "...as the team is an ad-hoc one, sometimes our progress stands in the middle of the road due to pressures and priorities from other job responsibilities." I hear this kind of question often..

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