Time Management

Leadership and White Space


In my most recent column on Forbes I briefly discussed the value of white space as it relates to “span of control” but felt the topic deserved a deeper dive. Here’s something you might not want to hear, but you should definitely take to heart..

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Innovation – Speed as an Enabler, Feature, Benefit

Over the last few posts I've been writing about the relationship between speed, velocity and innovation. So far we've decided that velocity matters (velocity is speed in a specific direction) because the pace of the market is increasing, and as it increases product lifecycles become shorter, meaning new products and services must be introduced more rapidly and more frequently simply to maintain competitive position.

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How Fast Should You Innovate?


In my last two posts I've identified the need for speed, or velocity, as an outcome of innovation. What many firms fail to realize is that the game has changed. The rate of change in the environment has increased, and to remain "in the same place" as your firm is today - merely to hold serve - you must accelerate your product and service development capabilities.

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Mistakes versus Experiments

One of the reasons that people try to avoid failing is that it seems like they’ve screwed up if they fail. This can certainly be the case, if your failure is major. But if you set up experiments to test ideas out, and you learn from them, then failing can be very productive.

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