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How Companies Pursue Greatness

James Wynn, Strategy Principal at SYPartners talks with Lou Killeffer about two of the world’s great businesses and brands, IBM and Starbucks, and how companies pursue greatness. This is the first in an exclusive series of Innovation Conversations that looks inside how some companies become great and stay great…

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Crappy Innovation

Can you be crappy? Do you dare? When we think about innovation, we usually think about what impresses us. Like Steve Jobs standing on a podium showing off his latest triumph: Incredible! Revolutionary! Mind Blowing!

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The Jolt to Best Buy

Poor financial performance is a shock to the system; it rumbles marketing plans and shakes the innovation strategy and pipeline. Best Buy retail and web sales fell 2.4% versus last year and shareholders have lost more than half of their value over the past five years. The company is now in the throws of reinventing how it goes to market as fast as it can.

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