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Four Types of Innovation – part 4


Obsolescence is something every company should fear. Operational Innovation is more about the how of business than the what. Being efficient, up-to-date, and innovative in your processes, operations, and relationships is every bit as important as having a killer product or service. Every company and 100 percent of its workforce should be engaged in Operational Innovation at all times.

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Four Types of Innovation – part 3


“Marketplace Innovation is about building or expanding new markets. Living in the realm of features, benefits and sales, Marketplace Innovation is all about devising ways to reach and delight the customer in engaging ways. By coming up with unique modifications for products, services and delivery methods, its aim is to have a positive impact on people's lives.”

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Four Types of Innovation – part 2


Category Innovation is an equal mix of risk and opportunity. Although stemming from successful Transformational Innovations like the light bulb, the Internet, or mobile payments, the application or the customer segment addressed by Category Innovation is new.

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