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“Faux Innovation” and Other Discontents

Over the course of this year, I’ve had the good fortune of working with three Global 50 companies – two U.S. based and one European. I’ll simply refer to them as Company A, B and C.  Despite being in different industries (high-tech, financial services and industrial), one common theme emerged: senior leaders in each of the companies articulated a strong ...

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Rethink Your Brand’s Future

Rethink Your Brand's Future

Wipro started out selling vegetable oil. It now provides global information technology, consulting, and outsourcing services and is known as the “IBM of India.” It has grown annual revenue to close to $8 billion. It is hard to believe that Wipro actually stands for Western India Palm Refined Oils! For your brand to grow continually, what you sell today is ...

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Selling Innovation: The Data (chapter 6)

The innovation economy shifts daily. New or updated products and services change the landscape at an ever increasing rate, and occasionally a truly disruptive innovation enters the market forcing incumbents to alter plans while opening up new opportunities for the latest crop of fast followers.

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Innovation For Your Employees

In the business environment, innovation is just as vital to a business, as it is in a similar way to human evolution. Without innovation, positive evolution can hardly take place. Though, even innovation has to take a direction and head to a certain something, or, spelled with other words, you have to know what to innovate. Otherwise, you risk going down on a path with a dead-end.

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Selling Innovation: The Repeat (chapter 5)

While the most cost-effective method of customer acquisition is capturing a repeat customer, in the innovation economy that second sale is paramount. The second sale validates the marketplace, and moves you one step closer to broad market penetration. It is the catalyst to moving from selling to early adopters to selling to a larger, mass market.

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Selling Innovation: The Pitch (chapter 3)

Once you have designed a great product or service and determined the most effective path for taking it to market, selling your innovation will require creating a message that communicates the value proposition to prospective buyers. Because both consumer and corporate buyers are far more sophisticated today with access to multiple sources of information - from product reviews to competitive pricing - your pitch can not be one-dimensional. You must blend a simple, easily grasped and remembered tag line with feature-function lists, competitive product comparisons, and not a small measure of excitement.

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