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The Nature of Work has Changed!

The Real Work of Innovation

Are communication technologies like Slack, Yammer and Skype actually helping us, or just getting in the way? Certainly, they have made it easier to communicate, share information and collaborate with colleagues, but what if all that extra communication is actually preventing us from getting important work done?

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Three Practical Ways to Turn Naysayers into Innovators

Outsmart Your Instincts

Finding new product ideas and innovations to excite customers requires colossal creative effort and a certain comfort level with risk-taking. The considerable effort to take a product from idea to development to launch is both time and energy intensive. If it also demands dealing with naysayers at the table who poke holes in every idea expressed along the way, valuable ...

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Why Only Adoption Matters

Recently I had an opportunity to interview Chris Laping, the former Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Red Robin restaurant chain about some of the challenges in achieving successful organizational change. Chris' is a voice that emerged from the darkness as I was creating the Change Planning Toolkit™and conducting the research for my latest book Charting Change and its focus on beating the 70% change failure rate.

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Building Your Innovation Language and Culture

Are you looking for a way to build a culture of innovation in your organization? Looking for a way to begin installing a common innovation language in your organization? Well then, why not do what some of the leading organizations around the world are doing, and either integrate some of Innovation Excellence into your corporate portal, innovation management system, or open innovation community - or work with us to build a curated custom feed or email.

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