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Desperately Seeking WOW


There is a twilight period triggered by a business downturn when the leaders and innovators demonstrate whether they are leading change or being chased by change. Recently, some painful examples from global companies illustrate what business has to do during the limited twilight period when bright business conditions transition to dark and stormy. In my experience...

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January 2nd Kick Off


The first day of the New Year is haloed in possibilities of who we are and all we wish to be; opportunities for 2013 abound as we start back to work on January 2nd. And, as the calendar changes, so do we. It may be time to shake off old ways and try some new practices to shift your perspective and fulfill new possibilities. Here are four suggestions that can jump start you and your business.

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Visualizing a New Era of CEO Data-Driven Innovation


there is one very heartening trend that we're observing as the drumbeat for CEO action gets louder, and it is this - better data driven tools are emerging, and a new discipline that uses them is springing up. CEO's have always loved and demanded data. What we're seeing now is a new acceptance of data as the platform for the agile decision making required for innovating.

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Evocative Potential of Words


There is a story of masterful innovation in the reinvention work of Donald Jackson who creates words that pick up the life and energy of his hand and gives them a physical feeling through the wetness of the ink. He is the royal scribe and calligrapher to the Queen of England. And, just as an architect builds a sacred space, Donald’s most recent work has produced a sacred space captured and reflected in a book.

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Flashes of Insight from the 2012 E.G. Conference


MIT Director Michael Hawley curates the premiere gathering of and for innovators in media, technology, entertainment and education that is best described as a three-day opera of ideas. E.G. took place this past week in Monterey, California bringing forward our most creative enterprises, by engaging a gifted mix of people — the most industrious and iconoclastic talents of our time. Not just another conference of ideas, or shakers and movers — this is a meeting and a community of makers. And doers

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The Jolt to Best Buy


Poor financial performance is a shock to the system; it rumbles marketing plans and shakes the innovation strategy and pipeline. Best Buy retail and web sales fell 2.4% versus last year and shareholders have lost more than half of their value over the past five years. The company is now in the throws of reinventing how it goes to market as fast as it can.

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