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The Four Modes of Thinking and How They Impact Performance

Hi there, this is your brain speaking. Just wondering what thinking mode you are operating in today?  Seems simple, but it’s important to know what’s going on up there. Here’s why: Success in today’s hyper-competitive global economy depends on what’s happening upstairs in that frontal lobe of your brain where problem-solving, creativity and other cognitive functions take place. Our research with thousands ...

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What Does Topgrading Mean for Your B+ Players?

​As a general concept, topgrading is intuitive, but the finer points of topgrading can leave management with feelings of discomfort and confusion. One of these core scenarios is what happens when your B+ players are consistently on the line. If you have read "Topgrading," the process is described as a black and white, but when dealing with people there are always shades of gray.

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